Human = Artist

by | Jun 23, 2011 | Astro Scribe

We as human beings are ARTISTS. When parents ask me if their children are musical… I look at them in astonishment and say YES! They are asking me if their children are human beings! There is not ONE child who is not a musician. Not ONE!  Not ONE child who is not a visual artist. And, EVERY child is a dancer. In all my years of teaching over a thousand children these art forms, I have never met a child who is not a musician, an artist, a dancer.

In Bali… the same word is used for Human and Artist.

What happened? Almost every adult I know tells me they are NOT musically inclined, they cannot draw, they certainly cannot dance!


It is our EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM!!! along with no doubt parent unconsciousness… which only means that unwittingly parents do not FEED the child what they need to develop their musical, artistic, movement brains (most particularly between 0-6 but ANY AGE) so they atrophy… and then the educational system GRADES you for your SKILLS. How the hell can you fail in art? do you know how many young people tell me that story when they come here and paint on the wall freed to paint whatever they want? Yes, numbers of them tell the stories where their art teacher failed them. Then you have music = black symbols on the page. What?!?!?!?! and if you can’t read them, you can’t do music, and if you can’t SIT STILL while you read them, you can’t do music!

WHAT?!?! MOZART BACH BEETHOVEN allllllllllllllllllllllllllll these great musical geniuses lived in a world of MUSICAL HAPPENINGS!! EVERYONE was dancing and singing and jamming and improvising! ONCE IN A WHILE they would think… hmmmmmmmmmm, that was a great improv! lets write that one down! Hahaha!

They didn’t learn notes FIRST and then learn to play and dance. No, its sickeningly the height of ignorance how most teach music, art and dance.

Go to the art store. Get a roll of paper and cover a wall with it. Get some tempura paint… the stuff you used in kindergarten… and put on music, or don’t… just MOVE your body like the Wild Criatura that you are and choose the colors that delight your eye… and take brushes or hand prints or body prints and dance your mark upon that paper…. while you drum and shake your rattles and roll!

Paint like your are going to burn it. Dance like NO one cares how you move! Drum to the rhythm of your heartbeat. You will unleash your creative force and your WILD BEAUTY & POWER AS A HUMAN BEING WILL SHINE!


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