Kathleen, juicy, ragingly powerful darkness itself, but not only…. it is the blood that drips from your fangs of authenticity, the love that rages from your heart, the ruthless ripping away and raw exposure of anything that hints at less than truth for you, that draws me, like a moth to a flame.

– Lisa Buell


Kathleen has a way of hosting darkness that allows one to see the rich tapestry of potentials carried within our suffering.  It is rare to have someone that does not shun the darkness, or the underbelly of experience.  Most people do not want to get close enough to learn the value it has to offer us.  This is unfortunate because this kind of knowing or wisdom is not gleaned in any other way than a trip to the underworld.  Kathleencan accompany you on this journey as guide and prophet of the underworld.  Kathleen”s teaching is full-bodied.  She makes direct contact with your material and artfully hosts it, drawing it out, and allowing it to express itself.  The unconscious material comes up, and she assists you to express it in whatever form it is wanting to be expressed: movement, painting, nature-play…..Like a tea-leaf reader, she looks at your expressions and gleans the jewels within, these are often too difficult to see on one’s own; at least they are in the beginning.  After spending time with this process we learn how to do it ourselves.  Slowly we become more at home with ourselves: our longings, our fears, our dreams…  Instead of shying away of who we are, we come to embrace ourselves, finding our way to true self-expression.  

– Colleen Kelly, MFT



I have always been honored and blessed by your gift of insight, love and dedication to our Womanly path.  As I embraced your presence and prepared for my own Rite of Passage that you so graciously performed for me, I experienced such a wonder of spirit.  The music chosen brought each of us to a higher realm of spirit, the ritual, the dance, the cocooning was magical… You gifted me with your Shaman presence of wisdom, healing, love and grace.  I was transported beyond the earth moment into a inner peace, a place where birth begins.  Kathleen has the incredible ability to help one connect to their true authentic self and express that energy in many manifestations.  For me, she listened  to my heart beat and then the drums followed the rhythm and then my body, truly connecting to the core of my existence. 
– Jewels Vecera


The sacred events that I have participated in with you (whether at your house or in Joshua Tree or on our beautiful coast) have shown me that you have the connection, the will, and the love to “produce” meaningful group work. You are attuned to psyche and she repays your faith and passion with a deepening insight and a nurture we all partake of. I have expanded my capacity for witnessing and containing as a direct result of your individual example. I have further integrated the multiple potentials that art writing movement and ritual can offer individuals and groups as a direct result of your passionate influence.  In short, you have a natural (yet experienced and well-read) calling for this  work. 
– Colette Nower