Romancing Your Daimon – Your Sacred Genius

Kp in the yellow flowers1

“I tell you: one must have chaos within oneself to give birth to a dancing star.”


I LOVE to PLAY!  To paint fantastical beings and move my body like a Wild Criatura, make other-worldly sounds and unleash my raucous thoughts on paper without rhyme reason or form.  I am passionately in love with my deepest darkest most cryptic nature and the art I create from her.  She is my Guru.  My Oracle.  My Guide who inspires and transforms my life for the better… every time!


And… I neeeeeeed playmates!  Playmates who also know how to create from this place!   Who are ready to go full out into themselves and the greatest adventure there is to live!  LIFE!   I love to woo out and play with the deepest wildest most cryptic hidden genius part of YOU.


And thus… my work is born.  Romancing your Daimon.  Your Sacred Wild Creative Genius into Life.


This is who and what I am in love with in life!  This is what drives me inwardly and in my relationships with others.  I am in LOVE with your MADNESS!  That which you own and no one else.  Everyone is Mad.  Everyone hides it too.  Some artists let it out in their paintings, dances, writing.  Yet most hide it in the dark because it is soooooo cryptic we fear it won’t be loved.  It’s certainly not acceptable in the workplace.  Nor in front of children.  It’s eccentric.  Its imagination uncontrolled.  It’s wounded.  And thus, seen as abnormal.  The hunchback, deformed, ugly, scary.  The crooked nosed-witch.  The wild child.  The giant.  The bitch.  The beast.  The nymph.


She was hit as a child.  Told to shut up!  Told it was not okay.  Stop crying.  Stop being so loud.  Speak up!  Its not okay to do this or that or think this or that or BE this or that.  Sit in your seat.  STOP MOVING!  Do as I tell you.  Don’t touch yourself!  Learn what I know & don’t expose what I don’t.


So we hid.  Really well.   And only brought these parts of ourselves out to play in our dreams.  Sometimes in our doodles.  Our fantasies.  Our rantings.  But mostly, hid it so far away in the dark that we forgot it even existed.


Then one day you woke up feeling dead.  Or… empty.  You felt something hugely missing.  You have the degrees, cars, house, lovers, kids… you may be living the life of the artist, the successful entrepreneur.  But.. something is missing.  Not enough LIFE!  LOVE!  Passion!  Creation!  PLAY!! Not enough Sacred! Most importantly… not enough YOU!  You know it, and you don’t know how to do anything about it, cause it feels just too damn dark, twisted, lonely, and vulnerable in this solar world of achievement and success.


This one doesn’t speak in our language.  She feels.  She uses image. Movement. Words flow like incinerating fertile lava flourishing into new worlds.  F*ck grammar!  Unleashed art expression is her language and one of the only places her hidden face can be seen.


The most significant part of our humanity is hidden from us.  It is the key to our living a deeply satisfying and rich mythic life.  It is your gift to a World in need of your cryptic sacred genius.


Oh… and, as a side note, this Daimon? is the KEY to unlocking your BRAND.  Haha!  yes, had to throw that in.  Cause its true.  Think Frida Kahlo.


Allow me to romance your Daimon… your Sacred Wild Creative Genius.

Self Portrait with Hummingbird 1940





  1. Kathleen! WOW! I would love to be a playmate. You have opened up so much in me. You’re right, the light is found in the darkness, you taught me that, you made it so simple to understand, and I am forever grateful for that huge “a-ha” moment! Love your site and I will be hanging out here often!

    • Nasrine! you ARE my playmate! already we have danced and exchanged our deep hearted delight in each other and our work. I thank you so much for being present for me at such a challenging time of my ‘coming out’!

      I cannot even tell you how much it means to me to hear I brought you this understanding of the jewel in the darkness!! This is my raison d’tre! I am fulfilled. Thank you!! xo

  2. Kathleen, your website is wild and beautiful — a labor of love, literally. Your gorgeous font and logo express YOU — it’s like looking at the center of your being. A legend in the making? Yes.

    GREAT photo of you at the keyboard, by the way… having a baby grand in the bedroom sounds divine! I understand that need for music to be private before it can be shared with the public (or not) — sometimes the melodies are just for us.

    • Thank you for witnessing to my labor of love, Kimby. It truly has been… efforted in the dark for years. First on a blog which I shared with only a handful… and then to this site which has literally taken me 9 months. I couldn’t believe it when I counted back and say that! It is so akin to gestation labor and birth, It’s a phenomenon! I LOVE that you have this sight! that you can seeeeeeeee into the center of my being. And you are right it IS that for me. So much more than just place to put my professional name. It is the abode of my creative daimon and it means so much to me to have you come and grace my space with YOUR creative daimon.

      Haha! well… if the truth be known… .the baby grand is not in my bedroom. Wouldn’t fit!! but it is in my adjacent room which is my creative space. When we first moved to this house, I had no room. Everyone else did, not me. I came across the piece by Virginia Woolf… A Room of Your Own…. “a woman needs a room of her own…” I am sure you have read it. If not, I highly recommend it! Such a powerful piece, as all of her writings are. Overtime and divorce, I ended up with the largest room in the house for my creative work & play! I have a large community of creatives… musicians, artists, movers, painters who come and unleash their wildness in this space! And, Kimby… I have been creating in the dark for years as it relates to the wider world. THIS is my coming out! THANK YOU for being here to receive me!! LOVE!!

  3. I was a witness to the birth of Kathleen’s birthday/release of this site on 11.11.11. I was a witness to her integrity in how she spoke, how she did not smile, how she smiled from a deep knowing of another and herself that humorous mischievous “let’s all be ourselves and our beauty” conjuring and acknowledging and seeing and being.

    No extra sinew or false emotion. No extra artifice. Her work meted in her and her sons and creative community like worked hammered metal hone into jewelry. Today I find my yearning for myself beyond artifice and compromise and me [ me? can’t read my writing here] to manifest the work I’ve dreamed of for 30 years.

    Post-script….well, like the time I went to your workshop Kathleen, and was surprised at the depth, and that it brought me to a place in contrast to the workshop I did the next day with a leader in the expressive arts field – and delighted at the space it brought me to for that workshop… well I have found myself Sunday morning dressing in colors and clothes and a pin and scarf that made me into a collage for my Five Rhythms dance class, and after class meeting/connecting in awesome way with several people and a deep idea ushering and growing from that dress and dance and the reminder to do art which I had done for the earlier morning.

    I see how being in presence of someone manifesting their dream is a catalyst. ..Also I gathered soem of my art media, notepads, and even brought a pad and color pastels to my dance class, where people seeing the page and pastels drew in it, I discovered, when I retrned to it to draw. One woman drew a tribute to the men in her life! And another, wrote the word orange in the color orange!


  4. Oh my WOMAN Claudia! Waves of powerful energy flowing through me with your WORDS! Such an incredible testimony, my love! Thank YOU! Your presence means so much to me here! We have sojourned many years together. I am witness to your own powerful art and beauty in the world. I am so friggin DELIGHTED that you are thusly inspired! YESSSSSSSSS!! if that is what will result from my coming out, I truly am standing in the heart of my calling. Thank you! I love you! xo

  5. WOW, Kathleen, I am moved by your poetic passion to inspire women to live their truth in authenticity with flair! Thank you for being this light in the world and encouraging others to live a life of wild abandon. I LOVE the way you released your gift to the world on 11.11.11, it is filled with intention and light for serving the better good and I applaud you!!

    • So wonderful to greet you here, Sheila! Yes, this IS our work, isn’t it, Sheila? to encourage all of us to live a life of wild abandon and deep authenticity. Your work is a shining light of that! I LOVE your site and your work with women. Yes… my birthday has always been 11/11.. and this year many believed it to be even the more special with the 11/11/11. I have marked many events of my growth through ritual on my birthday… so I stretched and worked so hard to make it happen. and announce to ME.. all my aspects… and yes, to the universe, of my coming out in this way. Thank you so much for your applause. It means the world to me.

  6. Kathleen, this is amazing. So haunting and beautifully written. As I rebrand my own business, I will be taking this into account. Lovely.

  7. I see you in this place now, Laurie. I see it in your new photos and your video. Your strong inner presence is stepping fully out and into herself! It truly is a wonder to witness to each other’s becoming! and… methinks we are all facilitating and supporting and strengthening each the other in the process. I look forward to your continued unfoldment!

  8. Beautiful site. Very poetic. Keep being you – the self expressive rawness of you.

  9. Hello wonderful Kathleen,

    Thank you for expressing for all of us what we at times would love to suppress – the wild woman in us. I felt like you described me as a girl growing up in Germany. I felt suppressed as a girl, but didn’t have words for it. I felt like I was in a constant battle to be myself. So, I was that woman who was empty and constantly seeking. What has filled up my well is learning about times of women who expressed themselves as they were, be it witches, courtesans, healers, and Goddess devotees. This gave me the permission to express myself as I am – fierce and defiant, as well as compassionate and committed to helping others. 🙂

    So, Lady, thanks for keeping the words and actions shining on through everywhere!

    Big hugs,

  10. Marion! I LOVE your work and your presence here with me. I feel we are truly from the same tribe. Both because of our beginnings and more, because who we have now chosen to be and stand for. It is amazing how those stories of women, many who were not only wise but also heroic in the their stands in life. Because of them, I have this space today. because of them, I can dare to speak what I have above and expose myself. I will forever be grateful to their sacrifices. “Fierce and defiant as well as compassionate and committed to helping others.” and you are.

    We must play more together! xo

  11. Your words are amazing, poetic and just as hauntingly beautiful as your paintings. It is such a wonder to be able to see that you have brought yourself forward and incorporated all of that into your business and your website. These are very powerful lessons for all of us – personally and in how we bring that into our work.
    Jennifer Peek recently posted..Weekly Q&A: Planning Your Business Goals

    • Thank you so much for your comment, Jennifer! It means so much to me! It has been a long effort one that has transpired over many years. The last nine months of this phase of the work was very challenging due to the electronic nature of the process, but I LOVE technology and KNEW that it could be done! So thank you for your honoring!

  12. I love all of this about you. I love that you are such a safe place for women to be real. I love that your extreme darkness is the most profound lighting. Thank you for creating such a sacred space for women to embody their entire nature without judgement. Fantastic.

    • YES! Jenn! yay! I am sooooo glad this is what you experience here! for that is truly my heart’s intent! to create a sacred space for women ANd men to embody their entire nature without judgement. YOU also serve this cause and I am sooooo honored to know you! Thank you for being here!

  13. Kathleen, first off your website is mesmerizing!!
    This post is so timely as I struggle…ahem…work to uplevel my brand 😉 Thank You!

    • Thank you, Yvette! I have such respect for your work and brilliance. And I doooo understand the struggle! I know you will achieve it! All deeper selves are constantly creating the pressure for us to actualize them. Mine always has. And I know will continue! Thank you for coming by…

  14. Kathleen, what an honour to see your new website launched to the world! It is exquisite! Amognst everything else, I especially love what you said here:
    “The most significant part of our humanity is hidden from us. It is the key to our living a deeply satisfying and rich mythic life. It is your gift to a World in need of your cryptic hidden genius.”

    There is something compelling about going along my journey, knowing that my gifts and gems are somewhat obvious to others, and yet I’m oblivious to them. Makes it even more sweet to uncover.
    Love your work! A lifetime Fan! ~ Loralee

    • Loralee! you are SUCH my love! and support! and girlfriend! Thank YOU for allllllllll you have done to encourage me to fully step forth in who I am. You continue to support me in my growth in this new form. I will always love you for it! xo

  15. Hi Kathleen,
    Not sure where to begin… this. Love the dark revealed…love the possibility of the light cracking into the dark side….ever, ever so gently. This is what we fear, but deeply want. And need. I look forward to more…of letting the child ‘just be’.
    xo, Tina

    • Yay, Tina! So wonderFULL to see you here. And yes, dark is always that edge we fear… and yet holds so much in it. And you and I know, as mother’s, how vital it is to let the child ‘just be’. We may not have had it for ourselves, but the world is changing through us now having the ability to give it to our own children. xo

  16. Kathleen you are a force, an amazement, a light. I am astounded when I read your work. Your energy pours out like a rock star in the middle of their best song.

    When I read this:
    She was hit as a child. Told to shut up! Told it was not okay. Stop crying. Stop being so loud. Speak up! It’s not okay to do this or that or think this or that or BE this or that. Sit in your seat. STOP MOVING! Do as I tell you. Don’t touch yourself! Learn what I know & don’t expose what I don’t.

    I thought of my daughter and how my mother in law criticizes me that she needs “discipline.” It makes me cringe every time. She is three years old and I don’t interfere with her being herself! How crazy is that. I “let” her run free and sing and dance and color outside the lines. She herself is a force and I, as her mother, do not want her to retreat, to feel diminished, to feel she must hide. I want her to shine and be free and alive. Thank you for validating that that’s all okay, for her, for me for all of us!

    • Oh TRACEY! How AWESOMELY sweeeeet you are! Your honoring and respect is sooooo cherished by me. I thank you so much for it! Ugh. Motherinlaws. Not all. But so many. Mine too. Telling me that my baby was being spoiled because I picked him up when he cried. I was and still am devoted to my sons. I know what it is to be forgotten or mistreated, as so many of us do. Boundaries are important, but children of this age are made of different stuff. The stuff of imagination and exquisite joy and real emotions here and NOW. Methinks people are so heavy in themselves that the joy of child makes them feel even more miserable. Misery loves company. thank YOU for caring for your child as you do!! THIS is the greatest effort we can be engaged in for changing this world. Thank you again for being here! xo

  17. Kathleen–this is exactly as I imagine you! Though we have yet to meet (notice I wrote *yet*?) in real life, I know we would be great playmates! I love my dark side, it’s just one part of the whole that keeps me whole. Bringing all facets to life, not diminishing my light, and flying in the face of what’s *expected* is how I do it–and I see that you do, too 🙂

    • Shanna! Yay! yay that this is how you imagine me! And YES we ARE playmates…. we are sympatica in each other… our stories, our works, our passions…. yes, in our mutual love of the treasures of the dark side. It is sooooo good to find others here who know these truths. The world is changing fasssst through this exposure. YES! xo

  18. What a gift it has been to watch you unleash your creative genius into the world. I have learned so much from you already. I have danced with my shadow, cried with and for the child who lived her life in fear of the next violent storm that was her mother, the child who was told it was NOT okay to cry. I have allowed your words to wash over me on oh so many occasions as I marvel at the power of this online community we’ve created. My world is so much bigger because of you. Thank you for witnessing me and holding me in both the darkness and the light. Through you I have learned to embrace them both. I look forward to the dance.

    • YAY Sue Ann! What a JOY to receive you here! YOU who have not only witnessed me but supported my unfolding process. So SCARY! Yet because you continued to wooooo me out, I knew I could trust you. Trust that what you saw was valuable and not tooooo cryptic for the world. You need to know how powerful your presence has been for me. It sounds like you had a mother like my father. Wretched realities that we have lived through… and made gold from. Ooooo… and the DANCE! yes, the dance… together. xo

      • Oh my, has it been this long? 2011. So many twists and turns and loops and curls in our lives. So much movement. And, as I read these words, the sentiment remains. Thank you for witnessing me and holding me in both the darkness and the light. Through you I have learned to embrace them both. I’m still learning. I’m still embracing. With both ferocity and grace. xxxooo

  19. Kathleen! I don’t even know where to begin! Your site, your opt-in, your first newsletter, your 11.11.11 birthday launch, this blog post, your co-creative process, your WORK, your PLAY, your ART, your Criatura, your Daimon, your LIFE — it is a breathtaking sight to behold! I don’t think I have ever seen a composite that so truly captures the heart and soul of someone. You have done it! And there is such yearning for the gifts you offer. I am deeply honored to know you and to have been playing with you online all these months. I look forward to playing with you LIVE one day soon! I can only imagine how amazing it must feel to finally have given birth to all of this and to be putting it out in the world! You are such an inspiration! xoxo
    Laurie T. Rosenfeld | Transformative Change Partner recently posted..Remembering the witches

    • Ooooohhhhhh Laurie! Your words cracked me open… to weep in joy at being so fully seen by you! By someone who has the eyes to seeeeeeeee. Your honoring and valuing is just exquisite. Thank you so much for it! and yes… you and I. True Witches of the Wise Ways we are. And thus, we have come together to build community so as to change the World through an unstoppable force. So look forward to our work & play together! xoxo

  20. from the beginning… i saw in you… me.
    our stories merge
    as all women’s stories merge.
    as always, i am honored to know thee, my soulbodymind lover!
    and… as i see your brilliance let out into the World?
    i sigh deeply. oh so deeply.
    with tears and laughter at YOU BIRTHED!
    bravo my dear love, kathleen…
    i continue to be in awe.
    my love………

    • Thank you, Teresa for your visitation! The visitation of an angel… a dark eros angel… my twin sister. Yes, you in me… me in you… and we in women and women in us. You know. Yes, you have witnessed me here from these beginnings. Thank you for witnessing me here. Now. I love you!! xoxo

  21. Kathleen, I’ll always remember hearing the sound of a cracking whip piercing through silence when I first heard you speak the words, “unleash your wild cryptic nature.” You responded with sensory leads back to my immediate inner experience, “what did you feel, hear, and see.” I felt my kundalini energy crack the whip!!! Your wombsite is pure EMERGENCE…a viseral experience in all mediums, alive, dark, a fertile landscape for the softsoulbodies Becoming. What a Birth!! gift for You to share with the world on 11.11.11. Kathleen, you achieved merging your deepest self with an art installation. All my senses could feast on the viseral nature of wet fertile wombness and be guided by my psyche. Literally,on my first visit, I read only a few words. “I was cursed/blessed to carry my father’s wound. War. Bloody violent madness.” Later in a dream scene those words would help me embrace an aspect I’ve been dancing with for a year, that now I’m ready to own. Do you know the power your wombsite has for viewers? YES! It’s an impetus for Emergence! You did it! You are it and we are one… remembering our own cryptic viseral nature. Thank you for your GIFT. Thank you for playing BIG and helping me come out here. xxooxx

    • Wow, Babara! your comment is soooooo powerful for me! Truly you are a seer! I thank you so much for it! I just LOVE that you are in such a depth relationship to your own body and experience1 To hear these words… “I felt my kundalini energy crack the whip!!!” evokes such ENERGY and IMAGERY!! And I have the image!! I WILL share it with you. A ritual performance art piece that had me cracking the whip on women… playing out the Dionysian mystery rites. And all the rest… your VISCERAL experience of the emergence! WOW!! for that IS what it was IS for me and to hear it mirrored in your experience. I WEEP in JOY!!

      My soul depth artist also feels sooooooo seen and is FULFILLED in your words… ” you achieved merging your deepest self with an art installation…” This was/is Her PURPOSE!!! And to hear that both the site and those words were a catalyst for you with your own work is so powerfully affirming for my work. My Artist perhaps has the greatest yearning even moreso than even the midwife of the Daimon for others.

      Your ending words are the most glorious. “You did it! You are it and we are one…. remembering our own cryptic visceral nature” If that is what I have accomplished, then indeed all the pain and grief and years of efforting here… of fashioning this work in the alchemical fires has been worthy.

      I will keep words forever. Know that. You have gifted me here on the most profound level of my being. I bow in great honor, love and respect. xoxoxo

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