Remembering the Witches & Embody Your Sacred Powers Ritual Webinar, November 13, 2012, New Moon in Scorpio/Solar Eclipse

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Dear Friends of the Deepening Darkness,


Due to the effects of the recent hurricane on the East Coast and my lengthened stay there, I am postponing our webinar, Remembering the Witches & Embody Your Sacred Powers to November 13th, 2012, at 5:00 p.m. PT.


Thousands of people have been impacted by this event. I would suggest that whether you were there or not, whenever an event of this magnitude happens with its devastating impact upon humanity, we are all affected in the deep.  I want to give us some space to honor this time of mourning and rebuilding.


November 13th is the New Moon in Scorpio and a Solar Eclipse.  Scorpio is the sign of the Destroyer. Of Life. Death. Rebirth.



There is nothing that reflects this force so dramatically as the storm we just experienced.  The Scythe of Nature descended and completely destroyed great swaths of land, property and people’s lives. Total. Devastation.


There is much beneath the surface of this storm.  Though an act of Nature, climate warming perpetuated by humanity’s shadows drove those storms.  We have become our own destroyer.


And… we are awakening, enlightening and rebirthing from our own unconsciousness.  The heart and compassion expressed by people from all over the world to those who have suffered is a testament to the exquisite response of human beings to dire emergencies such as these.  And the growing consciousness that we MUST double our efforts to take control of our environment has been brought to a new level of seriousness.


Scorpio’s Scythe can be in service to our lives when we understand its nature and honor its presence.


Our lives are so packed full of activities and people we ourselves have filled to the brim, by necessity we must take our scythe and cut away that which no longer serves. Some of these places are so deeply rooted that it requires more than one swipe of Nature’s Scythe.


This is the cycle to do it! We are supported by our inner and outer nature like no other time of the year. The more we attune ourselves to the archetype and connect with it as a force in our psyches, the more it can serve us directly in the places we need this death/cutting away/destruction to happen.


So join me and a group of Wise Women next week, Tuesday, November 13th, 2012, for an encounter with this archetype in a ritual webinar:  Remembering the Witches & Embody Your Sacred Powers!


There will be two more guest posts before then by the Wise Women who will be joining me to lead the ritual next week.


Amy Palko’s piece on the Goddess Queen of Witches, Hecate, will be released on November 7th, the Ancient Pagan Samhain… which happens to also be her birthday!  A true marking of a Wise Woman!


And another by, Randi Buckley, Wise Woman of Speaking the Unspeakable… will be posting later in the week.


Before the event, you will receive another post from me along with instructions for creating your own Altar and other preparations for the ritual next Tuesday night.


Thank you for understanding and for entering into these dark times with me and this community.  In this way we serve and fortify ourselves, each other, and our World.


My Scorpionic love to you….



p.s  If you have missed reading the series, click here to read parts 1 – 3.  Brilliant posts by brilliant Wise Women of the Sacred Ways.


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