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From Lunar Samhain to Solar Samhain!  A time for Remembrance.  A time for embodying our Sacred Powers.


THIS is my time of year!  I LOVE the magic!  I LOVE the rich weaving of cultural traditions all rooted in ancient Pagan traditions.  Dia de los Muertos ~ Day of the Dead, Halloween, All Saints Day, and the Pagan sacred day of Samhain.  I LOVE the wild playful Darkness everyone engages in!  I LOVE honoring the Dead, the Ancestors!  which of course I would being a Scorpio woman.  And… as a wise woman of the ways, I LOVE engaging in Samhain’s MAGICAL ritual arts of transformation!


Samhain is the ancient name for the Pagan New Year now known as Halloween and commonly celebrated on October 31st.


Yet the secret is… the rites of Samhain span several weeks, beginning at the Lunar Samhain through to the Sun at 15 degrees Scorpio, the secret  Samhain (don’t you love that?) which is November 7th this year.  With the final rituals of this magical season enacted all the way up to November 13th…  the New Moon in Scorpio & the Solar Eclipse this year!


In the ancient Pagan traditions, the New Moon immediately preceding Samhain was known as the Lunar Samhain.  This year that new moon was on Monday, October 15th.


We are in a magical time!  A portal is opened into liminal space… the land of No-Time or the Time Between, and lasts this whole period between the Lunar Samhain and Samhain itself.   Liminal is the dissolving of time and space as we know it.  The No-Time or the Time Between


The dissolution of order during liminality creates a fluid, malleable situation that enables new institutions and customs to become established.  ~ Wikipedia


Translation:  Serious  magic making time!


And… it is a time for remembering, honoring and communing with our Ancestors.


For some of us, remembering and honoring the Dead includes our Ancestors who died during the Burning Times.


These were the Witches of old.  Those women during the 15th to 18th centuries who were branded ‘witches’ who were dragged from their families. Imprisoned. Horribly tortured. And then suffered grisly deaths… burned at the stake, slow water drowning, beheading. All at the hands of the relatively new ruling order. The religious political powers sought out these women and gave them the mark of Witch, a sentence of death.


These women were the wise women of the society.  They practiced the wise ways of herbs and healing, the skills of midwifery, were involved in women’s blood mysteries and initiation rites throughout life,  and were the enactors of the funerary rites of death.  The people loved and trusted them.


These women knew the power of nature within themselves. It was Sacred. It was Wild. It was Creative. It was Genius. And… they were tortured and murdered for owning it.


We want to remember and honor these women whose shoulders we stand upon as we ourselves claim our sacred powers and actualize them into our lives.


Into our businesses. Creating a new culture that includes these modalities of healing and transformation. Having them acknowledged and part of the established norm.  I want the Embodied Arts I teach and use in my daily life, the ritual work with the psyche to stabilize and heal depression and other psychological burdens, to be as accepted by the culture as anti-depressants are.


In honor of these women, our Ancestors, and of the powers they embodied… and in creation with this highly magical time of Samhain, I want to announce a series of powerful writings by four brilliant women and myself:


Remembering the Witches – Embodying Our Sacred Powers


Laurie Rosenfeld, JD, MA – Coaching for Transformative Change

A Sorceress of the Sacred Self: Using intuition and the Enneagram to empower women to reclaim their voices, unleash their full potential, and make the impact they are really here to make.


Randi Buckley – Coaching Conscious Evolution: Speak the Unspeakable

Storm Tamer and Coach for women at the crossroads to live and speak their truth.


Emelie Rota – Curator for The Forbidden Life
Will you open dreams you’ve hidden
To access your life forbidden?


Will you come fly with me
And perhaps finally be truly free?


There are paradigms to crush,
Passions to simmer until they gush,
Uncharted lands to sink your hands in,
Dark mind spaces to learn to dance in.


Amy Palko – The Goddess Guidance Oracle

Creating sacred spaces (online, in person, and in the classroom), she feeds the spirits of growth, support, and nurturance to bring yourself back to a place of wholeness.


Kathleen Prophet – Unleash Your Sacred Wild Creative Genius: Empowerment through the Embodied Arts

A transformative ritual artist, Play Shamana, and mentor of women in the Sacred Embodied Arts.  Awakening you to the profound living force of your Sacred Wild Creative Genius through the Embodied Arts:  Authentic Movement, Expressive Painting, Flow Writing, and Performance Ritual Art.


We are unleashing the force of enlightenment through our businesses into the World.


We are teaching the sacred ways  of embodied Wisdom that once was held by the Ancients, the Pagans, the Druids, the Shamans, and the Wise Women referred to as Witches and the Healers.


This series is about giving YOU back the wisdom that was lost… that was stolen from us.


Giving YOU the wisdom and skills to directly access your Sacred Powers…. the nucleus of Self… being the Shamana, the Witch, the Oracle, the Guide of yourself. And doing this in a community… all midwifing each other into becoming.


  • You will learn how to create your own Samhain altar and alter consciousness through it.
  • You will hear about the history of the Wise Women of the Burning Times and the sacred ancient tool of the Enneagram.
  • You’ll learn how to speak the unspeakable, getting back your voice.
  • You will hear the dark tale of the Queen of Witches, Hecate, and how you can evoke her sacred powers to support you in your life.
  • You will discover the riches of the Forbidden Life and how it is the Life you are seeking.
  • You will discover which Dark Goddess powers you embody and how you can transform them into sacred powers.


The series will end in a culminating Webinar on November 13th… the New Moon in Scorpio & the Solar Eclipse.


These are the Modern day witches.  The Wise Women of our time.
Please join us in creating a powerful season of transformative magic for ourselves and the World!



silent achings in the dark
body whispering
its lament
where do the women bleed?


skeletal silhouettes
dance in the sky
blackened canyon
glowing in the moonlight
to ashes we return


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