Autobiography of a Daemon

by | Jun 23, 2011 | Astro Scribe


Each of us is born with a particular genius, unique unto ourselves, which we are impelled by nature to actualize. This genius, or Daemon, as the Greeks named it, is the evolutionary destiny seeded in each one of us. It encompasses the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual inheritance of our families, our ancestors, the Zeitgeist of our era, and our biological intelligence from its earliest beginnings~ the gifts and the wounds ~ and evolves us beyond into what is uniquely our own. Thus the daemonic force carries us into the new world while eternally rooting us in the old.

This fundamental nature is the imperative of our lives. When we are not fully engaged in a dynamic relationship with and embodiment of this authentic self, we feel afflicted… sensing we are skimming over the meaningful realities we are meant to live, bereft of the mythic currents we are meant to realize.

Our daemon is the full magnificence of who we really are and meant to actualize in Life!  Due to cultural and familial repression its wilder more eccentric characteristics become ‘dark’… unknown, unseen, unloved and in exile in our psyches. This is what daily haunts us. This is what makes us feel as though we are mad and ill. Yet it is this dark hidden face of ourselves which is the raw material from which we must self create and manifest our genius from.

“Every man’s condition is a solution in hieroglyphics to those inquiries he would put.  He acts it as life, before he apprehends it as truth.”    Emerson

The daemonic self is the force of our personal hieroglyph, our sacred mystery to be ever sought and communed with in its eternal unfolding.

The work you see here and in The Dark Eros Diaries blog is the embodying self-realizing force of my authentic wild self at my core, the genius I was fated/gifted with in this life.  It is out of my daemonic necessity that this work has been birthed.

I work privately with individuals and in groups using the Embodied Arts to facilitate the encounter and integration with the depths & authentic potentialities of the daemonic self. To its realization, I am a daily devotee and guide for others.

The Wild Daemonic Self is leaving its mark upon the walls of our lives and unless we actively pursue it, the potential for a life of deep meaning and legacy is lost. We are the scribes of our Daemon. We are its guardian and advocate. Without engagement in its actualization, our demise is a miserable encounter with the truth of what we have not lived.

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