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Welcome to the Unleash Your Sacred Wild Creative Nature – Empowerment through the Embodied Arts sessions and programs.


Hi, I’m Kathleen Prophet, teacher of the Sacred Wild Feminine and guide for women through the darkness of their lives into the Jewel of  their Sacred Wild Natures.


I am a lover of the Mystery of your Sacred Wild Nature!   My work is all about wooing the power of this force of your unique intelligence out of the darkness of your wounds, shadows and life challenges, into your life for healing, transformation and empowerment.



Your Sacred Wild Nature has the power to transform your pain, wounds, fears and challenges into the wild sacred RICH journey Life is meant to be. With your wounds transformed and your awareness awakened, your life changes. No longer a victim to repetitive difficult circumstances, you are enligthened to make the choices which liberate and transform your life.


Each of us is born with a particular nature, our genius, unique unto ourselves which we are impelled by nature to actualize. This genius is the evolutionary destiny seeded in each one of us. The Greeks and I call it the Daemon.


When you are not actively accessing and expressing your deep original nature, life feels empty.   You know something important is missing.  Your past haunts you.  You yearn to live a meaningful life. You hunger for your own creative legacy. You yearn to find your own relationship to the Sacred.


The most significant part of our humanity is hidden from us in the shadows.  It is the key to healing our deepest wounds and living a deeply satisfying and rich mythic life.  It is your gift to a World in need of your sacred wild nature


I am in LOVE with your WILD brilliant Nature!  Allow me to mentor you in how to perceive your own magnificence and access its transformative healing power.  Let me guide you into your shadows so you can return with your jewels of the Self.


I mentor women in the Embodied Arts to teach them how to unleash their Sacred Wild Creative Nature in online programs, private sessions, and live workshops.


I guide you in how to find your way into this most profound wild creative intelligence using ritual MOVEMENT painting WRITING and evoke it into your life for empowering transformation. I train you to see and really understand the deeper nature of the particularity of your own Sacred Nature.


And then? And then I watch you unleash this force of your wild sacred nature into your life to embody the brilliance you are.


Allow me to open your eyes to the mystery of your sacred wild nature operating in you…


My Offerings to you…


**Embody Your Sacred Wild Astrology**
Dark Moon Embodiment Mysteries


I invite you to join me and others in exploring and deepening our understanding of Astrology through my Embody Your Sacred Wild Astrology programs and Dark Moon Embodiment Rituals offered monthly.


In this work, we engage with the deeper feminine through the rhythms of our bodies intersecting with the rhythms of Nature… the cycling Moon and Sun, and the other live astrological forces which influence and shape our lives.


These sacred rites are for Women who know that for the alchemy of the deeper feminine to occur, we must be willing to descend into the raw material of our darkness… our pain and rages, despair and frustrations, unhappiness and fears, illness and losses… and be initiated by it so as to embody its transformational energy and wisdom.


Through entering in while being held and witnessed, loved and related to, midwifed by other women in the community, we move through the embodiment process and through it, the greater force of our true essence is unleashed and awakened to live more fully in the world. This is the role of our ever-cycling bodypsyche… the journey and dance of the inner feminine and masculine, Shakti and Shiva, Sol and Luna, Yin and Yang.


Unleash & Embody Your Sacred Wild Nature Private Session


This session is specifically designed to flesh out the deeper energy of your Sacred Wild Nature and embody it, resulting in powerful transformation and enlightenment. This awakening experience is achieved first by exploring the astrological archetypes found in your natal astrology along with  the predominant archetypal themes which have played out over your lifetime.  We also look at what is actualizing in your life now.  These themes reflect the deeper intelligence of your nature attempting to breakthrough.  I gather this personal information from a preliminary questionnaire.


After this comprehensive reading, I take you through an embodiment of these energies using authentic movement and expressive art, giving you a living encounter with your indwelling profound brilliant nature and gifting you with new ways of seeeeeeeing and loving yourself.


This experience is powerfully transformative, gifting you profoundly every time!


Unleash & Embody Private Session (read more…)



Work with me if…
  • you desire powerful life transformation and to live fully from your deep sacred brilliant Self.
  • you want to discover and learn about and nourish your unique nature
  • you want to transform early wounds and traumas into your strengths
  • you want your life to be infused with Meaning!  Imagination!  Joy!  Ferocity!  Full living!
  • you are an artist, writer, composer, inventor, innovator, entrepreneur, and want to plumb the depths of your mythic imagination and the archetypal forces to infuse your works with vital originality and collective relevance
  • you want to learn to navigate the dark waters of your psyche and make art out of it… the Art of Self Creation
  • you desire to explore your deep wild creative nature through movement, painting, writing, music
  • you’re stuck in your job, your relationship, your life and are ready to find your way out of its dark entangled web
  • you need to develop the courage to face life’s challenges


We are a right fit if…

you are ready to enter in to the sacred ground of YOU, your Sacred Wild Nature, and live empowered and emboldened by your brilliant authenticity!




I want to tell you about the mystery of your Sacred Wild Creative Nature – your Daemon


A mystery that is not taught to us in our educational system, is not mirrored to us in our society, is not even taught in our religions.


We talk about the Genius, we talk about the creative function, we even talk about the Wild Self. But to combine these four… is what I want you to hear and really feel in you. Your Sacred Wild Creative Genius.




is our brilliant instinctual self, the body instincts and self that has been evolving for millions of years. We look at the panther or the wild horse with such tremendous wonder. And yet, we are that. We have a level of operating intelligence in our bodies that is Wild and is there for us to access.




Creative is an inherent function of being human. It isn’t given to some who are artists and musicians. It is an organic natural function of being human.  In Bali there is no difference between the word Human and Artist. It means the same thing.  When we do not engage this innate function of creativity, we fall into depression and loss of meaning.




Has a particularity to it. We all have the wild instinctual human self.  We all have the universal creative function.  Yet the Genius is YOUR particularity. What makes you YOU. It’s the fingerprint of you.  Each of us is born with a particular genius unique unto ourselves which we are impelled by nature to actualize. This genius is the evolutionary destiny seeded in each one of us.


When we are aware of, aligned with, and culling out our genius, we are functioning at our highest level of intelligence.   This fills us with deep life satisfaction and the sense that we are living our legacy.  When we are conforming to what other people’s definitions of what genius looks like, we walk around hobbling in those forms, feeling less than others and misunderstood.




In witnessing hundreds of women and men through the embodied arts over the last 12 years, I have come to realize that what I am experiencing is the most powerful sacred original nature of human beings.  I am in awe!


We have for too long projected our sacred wild creative intelligence out upon others and our gods while we hobble in our sense of self.  Our definition of what it is to be human is puny compared to our reality.  It is time to claim it!


 Allow me teach you how!