Unleash & Embody

Unleash Your Sacred Wild Nature  & Embody its Healing Empowering Force


Hi, I’m Kathleen Prophet, teacher of the Sacred Dark Feminine and guide for women through the darkness of their lives into the Jewel of their Hearts… their Sacred Wild Nature.


I am a lover of the Mystery of your sacred wild genius!   My work is all about wooing the magnificence of this force of your unique brilliance out of the darkness of your wounds and into your life for healing, transformation and empowerment.


This sacred nature transforms the pain and wounds, the fear and loss in your life, into the gold of empowering enlightenment. With your wounds transformed and your awareness awakened, your entire life changes. No longer a victim to wounding circumstances, you are empowered to create the legend  Life is meant to be.


My private session is specifically designed to awaken the deeper energies of your sacred wild nature  as revealed in your astrology chart and your personal life story.


I teach you how to really see and understand your genius through the map of your astrology chart and how to embody its energy so your life is INFUSED with its empowering transformative intelligence.



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“I love ALL that we covered in this deep and provocative journey together. Your gift for witnessing deeply is palpable. So many shifts have occurred for me as I navigate the turbulent waters of my psyche and the family dynamics that evoke both my brilliance AND my shadows. It’s no accident that I entered into this work with you at the time I needed it most. I am dancing with the dark in the light of the moon and I am forever grateful for all that I have learned from you, Kathleen. I know there will be more. ”

Sue Ann Gleason, Conscious Bites Nutrition



Your astrology chart is a photograph of Nature’s forces, the archetypes, in play at the moment of your birth and how they dance as your Sacred Wild Creative Genius throughout your life and in particular, in the areas of your wounds and suffering.


The chart is deceiving in that we see it as outside of us.  When we talk about the planets and stars, we relate to them as forces that exist and play on us from ‘out there’.


Yet the chart is an image, a living Mandala of the Self… the Dance of Life within you.  The Dance of the energies that make up your personal sacred wild nature.



I am an expert in reading these archetypes and will speak to you in the language of myths to help you understand and begin to directly relate to these living forces in your life.


I also examine the most powerful archetypes that have played out in your personal history:  in childhood, with parents, ancestors, in love, and in work. I gather this information from a questionnaire you fill out before the session.



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“Kathleen possesses a deep wisdom of the sacred feminine energy that is calling women home. Her ability to witness the unique gifts of women, and help then integrate both the dark and the light is phenomenal.


“In my personal experience, the feeling of peace and grounding I felt during and after her Body Psyche work was absolutely life affirming. I highly recommend Kathleen Prophet if you want a clearer path to access your powerful inner genius and you want to express that part of yourself more fully in the world.”

Nona Jordan The Business Yogini[/message]


The questions are specifically designed to highlight your Wild Creative Genius as it has played out over your lifetime… as your eccentricities, angry resentments, and life challenges.


Your life story gives me a tremendous amount of information about who this larger Mystery of YOU is and how it is attempting to actualize itself.  This Mystery  is much larger and more comprehensive than what we have thought ourselves to be.  Tragically, because of this lack of understanding we have cut ourselves off from its brilliance.  


Rather than see the darkness in our lives as initiating forces of Nature to wake us up, mature us, and thus extract its intelligence from these events, we hobble with a sense of woundedness that haunts us.



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Your sessions were critical in giving me the strength to walk through this threshold of not knowing if my son would make it.  The night of surgery, I lit candles on my altar, sat on my meditation cushions and held my staff just like I did with you.  I cried and stood and held the staff to help me walk through this.


What a powerful metaphor for walking through this. Your sessions helped me deeply. You are so gifted and so wise, Kathleen!  Thank you!


Sherold Barr, Master Life Coach & Freedom Fighter




The more we understand our sacred nature, the more it feels honored and nourished.  The more our genius feels seen, understood,  honored and nourished, the more it reveals its Mysteries and unleashes its sacred powers to transform our lives into the exquisite journey it is meant to be.


As we continue in our sessions, I will gently guide you into the Embodied Arts.


Using whatever art materials you have on hand… crayons, tempura paint, colored pencils… I will invite you to play and doodle  as I tell you the tales of your predominant myths.   Your core essence begins to stir.  Eventually you close your eyes and I guide you into inner space.  From there you enter into authentic movement so as to embody these deeper energies we have evoked.


We both become the Witness… you the inner, I the outer… of your profound indwelling intelligence.  Your body begins to move itself to the archetypal rhythms.  Your sacred nature unfolds to tell its story, while weaving the disparate parts together into a new whole, while releasing its transformative energies into consciousness.


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“When Kathleen and I had our one-on-one Embodied Arts session (with drawing and movement), I was going through a huge personal transition and evolution… My relationship was changing and I felt compelled to change my life, but I wasn’t certain which way to turn. I wasn’t very comfortable with the idea of movement unleashing my psyche – I was scared of how I would look or what might come up. It seemed like it might be a dark experience or I might go into a dark space.


“In fact, the experience was the exact opposite! As I moved and drew with Kathleen as my witness (virtually – over Skype), I began to feel held. I felt beautiful, empowered, and fearless. The emotions and thoughts that arose were not dark at all… simply deeply true. When Kathleen relayed to me what she observed, I was blown away. I felt so loved, so warmly received, so safely held. She saw a woman coming into her own. A woman self-contained. She saw me. The real me. And I loved what was reflected back to me. One hour with Kathleen actually changed how I saw myself, which will change my life.


“…Don’t be frightened because it’s unfamiliar territory. Embrace it, and watch your truth unfold in the most beautiful, sacred way.”

Emelie Archer Pickett, Lifestyle Artisan & Creative Catalyst, A Forbidden Life [/message]


You will be astounded by the end of your first session of what you have learned and unleashed into your life, along with the new felt sense of empowerment you feel.


With more sessions, you will learn and release more of this transformative energy of your deep inner genius and see it organically nourish and grow the deeper self you are yearning for in your life.  This will open you more fully to the profound nature of the Mystery of who You are so you can work in harmony with it.


Whether you do one session, or the series, you will be transformed.  You will never see yourself or your life the same.  You will understand the profound nature of your nature and the sacred mystery that is your Life. 


Once the session is over, you will receive the recording along with your astrology chart and a document of your most powerful predominant myths.


Each session builds upon the last.  If you do the whole series of six, you will experience tremendous transformation and empowerment in your Life. You will become the Morgan Sea Gypsy of the dark waters that Life sometimes delivers you and know how to steer your ship into the New World of your actualizing genius.


These private sessions are particularly good if you are in the midst of life changes and are feeling overwhelmed and lost.  They are also powerful for working with and healing old traumas that are continuing to haunt you.


I am a lover of the Mystery of your sacred wild nature!   My work is all about wooing the magnificence of this force of your unique brilliance out of the darkness of your wounds into your life for transformation and empowerment.


[message type=”custom” width=”100%” align=”center” start_color=”#4d1b41″ end_color=”#33112b” border=”#d7acd0″ color=”##33112b”]Since 1998, I have had the deep pleasure of knowing Kathleen, holding witness to her growth and her deepening into the different modalities that are available to tap into our Genius. She is a devotee to unlocking the gifts that reside in our unconscious and bringing into the light that which has gone underground in our psyches.

In my very male-dominated and logic-driven profession of Civil Engineering, I understand the criticality of balancing that aspect of me with its opposite aspect; my creative side, my embodied soulful side. Truly, it is a matter of life and death; living life to its fullest potential or living only half a life.


Since meeting Kathleen, she has facilitated my movement into a Full Life. I continue to be bolstered by her direct interaction with me and by seeing her as a model of what a person dedicated to mining life’s available richness can become. It is truly an honor for me to know and work with Kathleen.


Teresa Herrera, P.E.  Engineering Manager and Seeker of Life’s Meaning[/message]


Unleash & Embody Your Sacred Wild Nature Private Session
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