Congratulations! The journey with your Wild Creative Daimon has begun!

Welcome [wlm_firstname] to the Dark Eros Salon!  Your haven for your journey

into the Mysteries of the Embodied Arts and your Wild Dark Creative Daimon,
beginning February 12, 2012



I am your guide, Kathleen Prophet, and  I am sooooo delighted that you have chosen to join me and others on this sacred 12 week journey.


Below, you will find links to all the important information you need to go over before the start of our program on February 12, 2012.   The first download, Unleash Your Wild Creative Daimon, is an introduction to the program.   The Prepared Environment, talks about setting up your space for where you will do your work during our live sessions as well as lists the materials you will need.  The Art of Witnessing, defines how we will be engaging in our forum, particularly to the artwork and the authentic writing we will be posting.


There are also links to two blog posts I wrote that specifically talk about the Daimon.  Please read these again before our first session so that you are preparing your psyche for the journey.


Over the next days preceding the program I will be sending out more information about the Sessions and Archetypes we will be working with, along with a form with questions for you to answer so that I can better serve you on your journey.


Below is a link to my calendar where you can schedule your private 50 minute one-on-one session.  Please do this before our start date on February 12th.  This private session is for the purpose of our gathering pertinent information about your Daimon and stirring those deeper depths of your psyche into life.


The week before our first group session on February 12, 2012, the private membership area of the Dark Eros Salon will be opened for us to begin our alchemical work together.


This will be a journey you will never forget and forever be transformed by.  I am thrilled to be embarking upon it with you.  Thank you.   Let me know if you have any questions.

Kathleen Prophet


Book your Preliminary session with Kathleen here


Download the files below

Unleash Your Wild Creative Daimon 12 week program

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The Prepared Environment

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The Art of Witnessing

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The First Gateway with MP3 Recording


Romancing Your Daimon Blog Post


Our Wild Creative Nature – The Source of our Creative Intelligence & Embodied Wisdom Blog Post