Sacred Wild Ways Questionnaire


I am sooooooooo excited that you have chosen to join me in this remarkable journey into your Sacred Wild Nature. 


This is a powerful journey, one that will forever change how you see and relate to yourself and your life.   It is filled with the unmined treasures of your wild creative genius.


The Mystery of your sacred wild nature is so much larger than your conscious mind can see.


This is because it includes the unconscious… which by its nature is hidden and reveals itself in wild and strange ways. To really see it requires new eyes! New ways of seeing. Infant eyes.


In this journey we are following a map… the Mandala of Self, your astrology chart.



The following questions are specifically designed to reveal the deeper characteristics of the particularity of your mystery…

…its nature, its longings, its angry resentments, what it loves, what it wants, its deep deep story from where it came, its meaning. The nature of these questions is more anthropological than psychological. There is no judgement. No good/bad, right/wrong. We are observing. We are anthropologists uncovering the mystery of a wild and magnificent new/ancient Criatura, its habitat, its culture, its nature.


We will be observing the archetypal patterns of your life and how they have shown up over your lifetime…

…through your character as a child, as a teenager, and adult. We begin this process through these questions in this questionnaire, as well as through studying your astrology chart. We will deepen into the process in our work with the archetypes.


Please answer these questions in a flow of stream of consciousness writing.

This is to be a sketch of you.  Do not get caught in too many details except those that really stand out and live vividly in you.  Write as much or as little as you like.  Let yourself effortlessly flow .


I am simply thrilled to be embarking on this sacred journey into this Mystery of YOU. Thank you for entrusting me with such a sacred task.


In great love, devotion and respect for your sacred wild nature,


Kathleen Prophet

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