Pele – Passionate Lover – Sacred Powers of Drive, Passion & Courage

Pele is hot and fiery. She is the planet of doing as opposed to thinking about it:  Mars


Pele‘s character is actually very similar to that of young children: she is not afraid to try something new. Failure or success are not something Pele worries about, rather it’s the experience of doing something that’s important. Pele is a natural risk-taker.


She is passionate and driven, but also selfish. Pele is all about wants and desires, She’s the planet of the will.


Pele‘s energies are focused on ourselves, on what’s important to us, the individual. In effect Pele is about getting our own way. She’s also about protecting what we consider to be ours. [1]


Her main areas of focus are:


– doing not thinking
– physical energy
– vitality
– personal power
– strength (body and mind)
– go-getting



– will
– motivation
– competitiveness
– assertiveness
– ambition
– enthusiasm


Pioneering (leading to progress)

– creativeness
– instigation
– initiation
– taking a chance
– risk taking



– daring
– courage
– endurance
– taking something on the chin
– fiery
– “having guts”


Me, myself and I

– selfish
– “I want”
– child-like
– young spirited
– positive
– this is “mine”
– defending what is “mine”



– desire
– love for life
– survival
– instincts
– wildness
– excitement
– raw animal sexuality


Pele‘s metal is iron.  Her planet, Mars.


Within the body Pele governs the sexual organs, the muscles and the oxygen-rich arterial blood.