Liberating Lilith

Liberating Lilith


Beneath the set choreography of our roles as mothers and daughters and wives and lovers, there runs the red thread of the sacred subversive feminine. Our wild woman soul that won’t be tamed, won’t be denied and won’t be silenced…. at least not all the time, and certainly not forever.


Bubbling up from beneath, our true desires begin to whisper softly yet insistently, growing louder as they shift from desires to demands. The voice of Lilith is calling you home to the nature of yourself, your creative sovereignty, your flesh, your essence, your soul. Will you give yourself permission to want what you desire? Will you give yourself permission to know you can have it? Will you give yourself permission to be ready to receive it?


Over one transformative weekend in the wilds of San Francisco, California, Kathleen Prophet and Amy Palko will take you on a journey to meet Lilith, Adam’s ex and goddess of desire, a lover and a playmate of the shadow places, our siren to the wild primitive forces that stir just below the surface of our day to day lives.


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Exploring the true nature of our desire, we will turn our attention to this wild self through a variety of modalities taken from Kathleen’s work as gifted guide in the embodied arts and sacred wild astrology, and from Amy’s deep dives into the realm of goddess archetype.


Weaving our stories together in sacred circle, exploring our embodiment through authentic movement, expressing our wild selves through nature play and shamanic art, finding the words to language Lilith and speaking them aloud as we call her home… this promises to be a weekend full of embodying the wild flesh of our subversive feminine.


Your Guides

Amy Palko



Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Amy Palko is a goddess guide who facilitates sacred connections to the goddess in all her many forms. Providing daily goddess guidance to over 400 women, along with goddess readings and consultations, her days are spent channelling goddess guidance, supporting women claim sovereignty over their own lives and honouring the sacred feminine in her own life. An internationally published academic, Amy continues to teach a summer course at the University of Stirling on gothic populate culture. This is her first goddess workshop outside of the UK, and she is thrilled to be co-hosting this exploration into Lilith energy with her soul sister and mentor in sacred wild astrology Kathleen Prophet. Website: Amy Palko


Kathleen Prophet



Teacher of the Sacred Wild Feminine. Mentor for Women in the Embodied Arts. Ritual leader of the living astrological forces. Kathleen Prophet guides women into the heart of their dark wild inner terrain to encounter the sacred power of the wild Self and be transformed and empowered by it. Her tools are archetypal astrology and the embodied arts of ritual, altar play, authentic movement, expressive art, and flow writing. Kathleen supports a community of women by tracking the initiating forces of  sacred wild astrology and holding ritual webinars to embody them. Kathleen teaches women the Mystery Rites of the Conscious Descent at Antioch University and in workshops around the world. This workshop with her wise goddess guide and dear friend, Amy Palko, to support their combined passion of the unleashing and actualization of the subversive feminine in the world is a dream embodied. Website: Kathleen Prophet


Price includes all materials but does not include food or accommodation. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask!

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