Dark Moon Rituals

Dark Moon Embodiment Rituals

I invite you to enter into a new way of learning Astrology through ritual and the Embodied Arts.


By moving through the Dark Moon/New Moon rituals offered up each month of the year, you will receive much more than a course in Astrology… you will receive the support and ground for your life: your journey of individuation, the transformative work with your shadows, and liberation from your negative conditioning.


The powers held within the core of Nature are here to support, awaken, and empower us. The indigenous peoples have known and engaged these forces for millennia. It is time for us all to return to our ground of origin.


These rituals support the individual through an entire embodiment experience. From preparation with your personal charts and teachings of the present archetypes, to the embodiment ritual itself.


Sounds spooky, but really, all it is is a playdate with the unconscious using the modalities of altar play (symbolic pieces which hold meaning for me in the moment), authentic movement (movement which is sourced from my sensations, aches pains, emotions and imagination), and expressive art! which gives the unconscious the paintbrush to speak directly to me. Just let my hands, feet and paintbrush move on the paper until I begin to see images that make connections with what I am dealing with in my life = ASTOUNDING upload of information from the unconscious to conscious mind which I can use immediately in my life… right now.


Embody Your Mythic Astrology Forum


Under the luminance of the Full Moon in Cancer, the archetype of the Moon Mysteries, Amy Palko & I opened a circle of Wise Ones of the Ways who are seeking to embody the mysteries of Mythic Astrology.


These tools and ways were passed down over the ages through secret societies. The reason for their secrecy was the sacred wild powers they imbued the individual with ran counter to the ruling orders which sought to control and shame humans into subservience.


While we no longer live under these controlling ruling powers (some on our planet still do) the insidious nature of their control over millennia has been imprinted on our DNA… as Adrienne Rich wrote, silencing our mothers before they were born…  and their mothers and fathers before them.


Coded in myth and astrology’s symbolic language are keys for liberating and unleashing the sacred wild powers inherent in each human being, what some call the genius, the greeks and I refer to as the Daemon.


The Daemon’s mark is as unique as a fingerprint and is what we seeeeeee in the uniqueness of each one’s Astrology chart… combined with our ancestry, place of birth, and the unique mythic patterns played out through the events of our lives, the illnesses of our bodies, our relationships, and our cryptic nature which never ‘fit’.


Unlocking this code is the key to living a life which is meaningful no matter our fate: our life circumstances, family dynamics, health, or material success. This code is found in the heart of each of the astrological archetypes which over a lifetime supports the dynamic unfolding of our original nature… our sacred wild daemon.


We post articles which weave together current astrological events – moon phases, sun sign changes, seasonal portals, and myths. We share some of the Dark Moon and Full Moon posts in the larger forum. All the other are only shared in the Dark Moon Embodiment Ritual, for those who have chosen to enter in to work with their depth material.


In the posts and during the rituals, we invite people to flow~write to what is occurring in their lives, we then look look at the themes to find what astrological archetypes are at play. Working this way allows our perceptions of what are occurring to be shifted in more empowering ways of seeing, liberating us from the self condemnation and loathing we often carry.


I invite in the fullness of your raw authentic selves as the prima materia for your personal alchemy, which in turn supports the alchemical transformation of our tribe and our larger World.



All of what is shared is held in confidentiality within these rituals and with the deepest regard and respect. While witnessing is invited and encouraged, advice about how to fix another’s life is not. Through the tao of the Daemon, we understand that the complexity and challenges of one’s life is exactly where the Daemon resides.


Embody Your Mythic Astrology Forum