Astro Witch

Storyteller and writer of Archetypal Astrology. Ritual Leader of Moon Mysteries and Seasonal Portals.
Mentor of the Embodied Arts.

I guide women into the heart of their Shadows and Wild Inner Terrain to encounter the metamorphic power of the Self dancing with and initiated by the Holy Wild forces of Nature.

Astro Witch ~ Art Sorceress ~ Ritualist

Art Sorceress

I am an Art Sorceress. I fashion art out of the material of my life ~ my shadows, my pain, my holy wild desires. From this alchemical brew I am transformed, fortified and empowered. 

I train Others in these Embodied Arts:  
Ritual. Authentic Movement.
Archetypal Astrology.
Writing. Storytelling.
Performance Art.


The Underground Forest School

Join me in a journey through the 13 Initiating Moons of the year in an embodied initiatory encounter with the Astrological  forces of Nature. Embody your Knowing as the Ancients once did through a direct encounter with these powers.  By so doing you and your life will be transformed.
You will feel Rooted in your Life,
Supported in your  Individuation,
Rich from the alchemical work with your Shadows.

Join us on this magical mystery
dance  with the Holy Wild.
Summer 2022

The Underground Forest School
The Arts of Initiation & Individuation

La selva subterránea, the underground forest, the underworld of female knowing. It is a wild world that lives under this one, under the world perceived by ego. While there, we are infused with instinctive language and knowledge. From that vantage point we understand what cannot be so easily understood from the point of view of the topside world.

Pinkola Clarissa Estes 


Embody primal intelligence as the Ancients once did through a direct encounter with the Holy Wild. Move through the archetypes of the zodiac using the medium of the Embodied Arts – Ritual, Myth, Writing, Movement, Art Expression, Spellcrafting, Body Prayer, Nature Play & Vision Quests.   

By so doing we receive their powers of support, wholeness and growth, in all areas of our lives,  providing rich material for our Art of Self Creation, our journey of individuation, and place in the family of our World.

Opens Summer 2022 

This is my month to celebrate and honor the archetype of, Leo, and the image I relate to the expression of this instinct as:  the Art Sorceress.    I took this name from a quote by one of my beloved madmen philosophers, Nietzsche, who so brilliantly woke to the genius...

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Astro Scribe

Alchemical Astrology writings guiding you into the transformative nature of these Astro forces of Nature. Learn how to work with these forces to support you in your life and the creations you desire to fashion =
The Art of Self Creation.

Readings with Kathleen Prophet

Astro Witch, Art Sorceress and Shadow Dancer… I live, breathe and embody the Astrological Holy WILD forces of Nature. I speak their Mother tongue, the language of Myth, to support you in unlocking the hieroglyphs of your Sacred Mandala of Self, your astrology chart, for greater levels of Self Knowing and liberation, in support of unleashing your Holy WILD Nature. 

The 13 Rites of the WITCH

Join me in a powerful journey into the heART of the Season of the Witch!  And ignite the powers of the Transformational Mysteries of Life, Death, Rebirth through
the 13 Rites of the WITCH!

Join me round the Alchemical Cauldron of the WITCHES… the portal of liminal worlds! Where Magick rules and those who fear the dark stay away. Where soft animal bodies refuse to obey others’ laws, moving souly to the rhythm of their own heart beating to the throb of the Holy Wild.

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Nature's Books of Secrets

The Nature’s Book of Secrets series contain astrological teachings, myths, artwork, stories, as well as guidance in learning how read your own chart so you can better navigate your growth and life initiations. 

Virgo’s Book of Secrets focuses on the Body as a wise guide and powerful initiating force – in sickness and in health – and in the wisdom of its direct relationship to our Psyche.