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Words fall short at expressing the riches that Kathleen provides… to me, to women with whom she works, to the world! Wisdom garnered from her life experiences and trainings has supported me through the many years over which I’ve known her.

Working in a male-dominated profession, my deep connection to my innermost feminine self has been bolstered, carried, and supported by my work with Kathleen. Deepening in my understanding of archetypal forces of nature, using astrology, intuition, and body-wisdom allows me to embrace my wholeness so that I can show up in my life as the powerful witch woman that I am!
Teresa Herrera 

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The Underground Forest School

La selva subterránea, the underground forest, the underworld of female knowing. It is a wild world that lives under this one, under the world perceived by ego. While there, we are infused with instinctive language and knowledge. From that vantage point we understand what cannot be so easily understood from the point of view of the topside world.

Pinkola Clarissa Estes 


Embody primal intelligence as the Ancients once did through a direct encounter with the Holy Wild. Move through the archetypes of the zodiac using the medium of the Embodied Arts:  Ritual, Myth, Writing, Movement, Art Expression, Spellcrafting, Nature Play.   

By so doing we receive their powers of support, wholeness and growth in all areas of our lives,  providing rich material for our Art of Self Creation, our journey of individuation, and place in the family of our World.

Opens Spring Equinox 2022 

What others are saying

As I spiral ever deeper into my own processes of self-enquiry, I have found that the opportunity to explore astrology and the embodiedarts with Kathleen Prophet has been one of the most enriching and empowering experiences of my life.

Not only has it brought a new level of depth to the services that I offer through my business, but has also led me to publish a book of poetry and to stage my first exhibition of self-portraiture. Through embodying my mythic astrology, I have discovered in myself a vitality in my capacity to create art, to create a life. ~ Amy Palko – Author & Goddess Guide




Through participating in the Dark Moon Rituals over the past year, I have experienced a quantum explosion in my creative process as well as deepening further into my own personal journey.

Uncovering the archetypal energies of the astrological cycles combined with the creative process has brought untold riches in my own life and into my artistic practice of music composer. These rituals hold such a rich and deeply intuitive space that creates the safety for this depth level of unfoldment.
Wendalyn Bartley, Singer & Composer