Nature’s Book of Secrets – Virgo, Mercury & the 6th House is finished and on sale for $11.

It is a richly displayed art-filled, myth-full discourse on all things Virgo!


Most people do not understand that we are all the signs of the zodiac. The astrological signs represent our primal instincts, and Nature made sure we each had them all.


This is one of the greatest misperceptions that people have about astrology. They believe they are their Sun sign. Do you have a body? Deal with Health? Work? The Earth? Then you too are made of Virgo!


In Virgo’s Book of Secrets you will discover new ways of perceiving your Body as Holy Mystery & Archetype, just as the Tantric Priest/esses of Ancient times and temples understood and practiced.


You will learn about how disease and illness is one of the places the primal intelligence of Virgo resides. You will learn out about the gut brain and how it is one of the most powerful guidance systems we have.


You will discover new ways of playing in Nature which evokes its inherent powers into our psyches for healing, support and the integration of our shadows.

You will read the wondrous myth of Demeter and Persephone, from Demeter’s point of view, revisioned by the great myth writer, Amy Palko, who has given me permission to include the full myth in this book.


At the end of the book you fill find charts and diagrams that will help you read and create your own chart. May they serve!

Virgo’s brilliance is beyond any definitions I have read. Most lack the magick, the myth and the imagination of this wondrous force of Nature.


Once you understand the power in our Bodies and this archetype of Virgo, you will know why She is a threat to the over-culture and has been relegated to these dumbed down perceptions. Hallowed be her name, Virgo!

On sale for: $11