Samhain Embodied Arts Online Retreat

November 6 & 7th

To the extent that we have culturally repressed and feared the powers of Medusa and have accepted the patriarchal view of her as a monster to be destroyed, we have cut ourselves off from our ability to access our sexual power to create, regenerate, and know the truth from within ourselves. – Demetra George

No longer a bloodless Monster…

In this workshop we will explore, awaken, and embody our original Medusa nature, our instinctual bodily wisdom and power , through a depth process of embodied arts ~ storytelling, writing, painting, photography, performance art.

What we’ve lost is Medusa’s Origin Story.

We have lost her side of things. We only know her through the voice of the patriarchy. She has been frozen out and silenced. It is time we let her in.

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Medusa by Mark Swall 

1st Day, November 6th

Beginning with the ancient roots of the myth of Medusa, we will explore her story as Libyan Queen and Crone aspect of the triple Moon goddesses:


SHE who ruled over all the patriarchy feared: Women’s Rage, Women’s Blood Mysteries, the Mysteries of Death, and the Dark Moon Mysteries of a Woman’s Sexual Self-Rejuvenating power.

Essential to the embodiment of Medusa is our Body


After entering into the deeper feminine mysteries in our own bodies through ceremony and embodiment practices – journeying, authentic movement, primal sounding – we will place the print of our bodies on paper or canvas.

Each one will be invited to paint their body and lay upon paper/canvas to leave your body’s print.

We will then continue to paint on our bodyprint while deepening our relationship to He/r/ey through weaving between authentic movement, stream-of-consciousness writing, dyadic witnessing and more painting. 

2nd Day, November 7th, Samhain…

On the 2nd day we will honor Samhain in ritual, beckoning to all the Witches, Monsters of the Feminine, whose hearts and minds we are fashioned from in Ritual and in Song.

We will work with our Voice. No more the Silenced Ones, Her/Our/The Primal Voice returns and is woven into our bodies and our lives. 

We will then put our Voice in the painting.

In the afternoon we will merge the painting, writing, and Voice, in a wholebody self portrait, culminating in a ritual performance art experience. 

A home for Creaturas who roam seeking a birthplace, the Wild Crone’s Underground Forest…

In the days after the event, you will be encouraged to continue to paint and write from your body, staying present to any dreams that come forward. You will be invited to post your writings, paintings and be witnessed and supported by me and others  til the Sun shifts into Sagittarius in our mighty networks community, the Wild Crone’s Underground Forest.

The Body of Medusa workshop, Portland Oregon

 ***Once you register you will receive the material’s list for paint and paper, as well as ritual items you will be invited to gather.


No one has to expose themselves to others. This is an online event and you will be invited to to turn off your screen for privacy. 

We will use tempera paint to make the body print, which is a water-based non-toxic paint. You could also use mud, orNo photo description available. some other non-toxic medium that will leave a print.

After leaving your print, Acrylics may then be used  to continue painting the Creatura seeking to be embodied.

I would add…

The shame many of us experience around our bodies comes through the patriarchal eyes we were conditioned by, which is sourced from the Medusa split.

For women to be received and witnessed wholly and bodily by each other is deeply self ratifying, mirroring, and supports the healing of our body schisms, resulting in new levels of felt empowerment and intimacy with oneself.

Previous painting, writing, and performance experience is not required.

We are calling on our primal instincts fused with transpersonal Nature to step forward and express itself through our art expression.  

This work invites in the forces of primal intelligence to support us in our lives and Art of Self Creation.


Single Payment of $250 $200

Two Payments of $125 $100

The Medusa Report  

Each participant will receive a Medusa report. I will draw up your chart with the three asteroid goddesses who make up the Triple Moon Goddess: Medusa, Athena, and Metis.  Algo, the Demon Star, a fixed star, will also be included. 

Exploring these archetypes and where they appear in your astrology chart reveals how they have influenced areas of your life through suppression and cultural taboos, as well as sought after power.

Through our work together, we will unearth and liberate these Feminine powers in our bodypsyche, resulting in a new level of embodiment with our creationary powers.

Athena: Warrior Maiden

Metis: The Wild Mother 

Medusa: Wild Crone – ruler of Sex & Death & Dark Moon Mysteries

Day One Schedule – November 6th

10am – 12pm pdt  – The Story of Medusa in the Body. Ceremony of the Bodyprint

1pm – 4pm pdt (w/ break)Painting Writing Moving with and from our Body


Day Two Schedule – November 7th

10am – 12pm pdt Samhain ritual for the Witches & the Monstrous Feminine.  Voice of the Monstrous Feminine vocal work into the painting

1pm – 4pm pdt (w/ break) –Weaving Medusa into Her Whole’ – Performance Art


Family Portrait – The Monstrous Feminine Family Portrait – Sekhmet, Bast, Medusa & I

Kathleen Prophet

Who Am I?

I am an Art Sorceress, Astro Witch and Wild Crone. A Storyteller and writer of my Ancestral Myths and Embodied Astrology. A Ritual Leader of Moon Mysteries and Seasonal Portals. A Mentor of the Embodied Arts.

I guide humans into the heart of their Shadows and Wild Inner Terrain to encounter the metamorphic power of the Self dancing with and initiated by the Holy Wild forces of Nature.

My work over the last 3 decades has carried me into the heart of the Mysteries of Women. For 10 years I engaged in co-fashioning women’s mystery rites with the performance ritual art group, Circle et Eros, in the desert landscape of Joshua Tree. Together we enacted theatrical initiatory psychodramas of the Dionysian Mystery Rites, Psyche & Eros, the Alchemical Stages, and fairy tales, such as the Red Shoes and the Handless Maiden. 

I have led workshops on the Descent Mysteries of Inanna & Ereshkigal in Scotland and at Antioch University. I have led embodied ritual art workshops in Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles, on the Body of Medusa and Lilith & the Outcasts.

My Others Programs Include:

Astro Mysterium – An Embodied Archetypal Astrology year long program
Embody Your Mythic Astrology program 
Apprenticeships in Embodied Astrology & Embodied Arts
Seasonal Community Art & Performance Events
Astrology Readings & Mentorships on the Daemon

My original teachers and trainings are from the great masters of the mysteries of Embodiment. Marion Woodman, the great Bodysoul Jungian, who trained a whole generation of women in how to embody the psyche through myth, movement, voice, and drama. Aviva Gold, psychotherapist and expressive artist, who I trained with and assisted in workshops, using her Painting from the Source methods, one of the more radical embodiment painting practices there is. More recently I became certified in Intentional Creativity with the exceptional artist and community leader, Shiloh McCloud.  I have dedicated the last four years as a Witch apprentice, 500hr Witch Yoga training, and Flame Tender leadership program, with the genius Witch, Danielle Dulsky.

My voracious drive for seeking the Mysteries and the skilled Knowing Ones who hold keys to those mysteries all the decades of my life has been ongoing since those first radical stirrings broke through as a 12 year old. This imperative has been as much about taking my life back from the clutches of unconscious conditioning and the societal matrix, as the fierce drive to create the New World I was always meant to live in.  

My Body of Work is a vast Sea of  Self Creation issuing forth out of the creative urge of the human to reconcile its complexities through its primal language:   Art.  The Art of Self Creation. 


No description available.

The Body of Medusa – Images from the 3 day live event at the Sage Gallery in Portland.

Early Bird Price – Payment of $250 $200

Two Payments of $125 $100