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Readings with Kathleen Prophet

Astro Witch, Art Sorceress and Shadow Dancer… I live, breathe and embody the Astrological Holy WILD forces of Nature. I speak their Mother tongue, the language of Myth, to support you in unlocking the hieroglyphs of your Sacred Mandala of Self, your astrology chart, for greater levels of Self Knowing and liberation, in support of unleashing your Holy WILD Nature.

Through this powerful alchemical process, together we woo out the vitality of the Sacred Self eternally seeking to be made conscious and more fully actualized. 

This work supports you in the very real difficult challenges and initiations you are experiencing in your life.

“There is a vitality, a life force, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique, and if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium; and be lost.” Martha Graham

Astro Witch Specials for those enrolled in Astro Mysterium!

Recorded Readings

A recorded visual reading of your chart addressing a vital situation which is present in your life. You will be given a wee astro magick ritual to embody what I have covered to support you in a transformation. These readings are designed to focus on a particular challenge or a specific area you are wanting greater illumination on.

Send me your question and some writing around the issue you are seeking support in. You are also welcome to send me a voice recording if you prefer.

30 minutes – $50 for members only

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Live sessions

After you send me your question or the the area of your chart you wish to focus on, we scry over your chart together during this hour long reading. You are given a ritual of mysterium magick at the end so as to embody the material we have focused on, as well as to support shifts in a challenge you are facing. You will receive the recording and your astrology chart after the reading.

1 hour reading – $100 for members only 
(non-member price $150)

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As I spiral ever deeper into my own processes of self-enquiry, I have found that the opportunity to explore astrology and the embodiedarts with Kathleen Prophet has been one of the most enriching and empowering experiences of my life. Not only has it brought a new level of depth to the services that I offer through my business, but has also led me to publish a book of poetry and to stage my first exhibition of self-portraiture. Through embodying my mythic astrology, I have discovered in myself a vitality in my capacity to create art, to create a life. ~ Amy Palko

Unleash & Embody

The Unleash & Embody sessions are specifically designed to awaken the deeper energies of your Holy WILD Nature as revealed in your astrology chart

Your astrology chart is a photograph of Nature’s forces, the archetypes of the Stars, that were at play at the moment of your birth, and reveal how they continue to express themselves as your WILD Nature throughout your life.

The astrology chart is a living Mandala of the Self… the dance of the energies that make up your personal Holy WILD ~ the vital spark of you!

I teach you to really seeeeeeee into the heart of your WILD Nature so you can understand its cryptic ways really are genius even while they may seem other to you. The Greeks referred to this genius as the Daemon.

Just like a child who is not being included and honored, the Daemon’s behaviors can become distorted and twisted, even feel demonic, when ignored and not accurately mirrored and valued for who we really are. Just because we have a Scorpio Sun does not mean we are realizing its original Nature. Every sign has its neurosis and pathologies due to the patriarchy, the wounds we were born into and the culture that defies our genius.

In these readings, I scry over the most powerful archetypes you have lived out over your lifetime, in childhood, with family, in love, in creative pursuits, in the angry resentments and terrible woundings you have suffered with. I have you do some writing  previous to the session so we can witness to the patterns of intelligence expressing itself as your life. Through this powerful alchemical process, together we woo out the vitality of your Holy WILD original Nature seeking to be made conscious and more fully actualized so as to support you in fulfilling your yearning for creation and to support you in the very real challenges of your Life.

It is important to me that you integrate what you are learning rather than receive information that you don’t know what to do with. You will be given sacred Astro Witch practices and magical rituals between sessions;, to support the embodiment of what you are awakening to.

Three sessions allows us to deeply root you in the fertile earth, air, fire, water of the Self as depicted in your Astrology Chart, gifting you with a deeper understanding of your astrology and a liberation from your inherited conditioning and self perceptions which have bound you to a much smaller self than you are.

Our work together begins to break these curses, fortify your sense of self, and powerfully, exquisitely and heartedly unleash these forces of the Holy WILD into your life for your Art of Self Creation, as well as support you in the very serious and radical act of living. 

These sessions are recorded.


Three 75-90min Sessions – $450
reg $600)

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This can be paid in total, or in three payments of $150

Words fall short at expressing the riches that Kathleen provides… to me, to women with whom she works, to the world! Wisdom garnered from her life experiences and trainings has supported me through the many years over which I’ve known her. Working in a male-dominated profession, my deep connection to my innermost feminine self has been bolstered, carried, and supported by my work with Kathleen. Deepening in my understanding of archetypal forces of nature, using astrology, intuition, and body-wisdom allows me to embrace my wholeness so that I can show up in my life as the powerful witch woman that I am!

Astro Mysterium! Membership Program


invite you to join me…

on an initiating journey into the WILDS of your Nature psyche over the Solar and Lunar cycles of the year. Through it you will receive much more than a course in Astrology. You receive the support and ground for your journey of individuation ~ the Art of Self Creation ~ through working with the astrological archetypes, the embodied arts, and the alchemical dance with your shadows.


These encounters with the Holy WILD forces of Nature initiate, fortify and mature us into the next phase of our lives, supporting us to live true to our original nature rooted in Nature’s primal intelligence, empowering us to carry this awakened intelligence  into our lives and the World for positive change.


Program Description

Astro Mysterium! is an Astrology Mystery School of rare compare. Rather than an intellectual study of astrology, we embark on a living journey through the landscape of the astrological archetypes of the year so as to really embody these forces. As the Sun and Moon dance through the signs and planets of the zodiac, they offer us a golden opportunity to have a direct experience with them and through it be enlightened and initiated by their Holy WILD Nature.


The Book of Secrets

Each month at the time of the Sun’s shift into its new sign you will receive a “Book of Secrets” containing astrological teachings, myths, artwork with guidance to create your own, a recorded journey and ritual on the new astrological archetypes for the month. Each Book will also contain teachings on astrology so that by the end of the year you will know how to read your own and others’ charts.


The following are some of the subjects we will be working with over the year…

(read more and register for the program here…)

Through participating in the Dark Moon Rituals over the past year, I have experienced a quantum explosion in my creative process as well as deepening further into my own personal journey. Uncovering the archetypal energies of the astrological cycles combined with the creative process has brought untold riches in my own life and into my artistic practice of music composer. These rituals hold such a rich and deeply intuitive space that creates the safety for this depth level of unfoldment. ~ Wendalyn Bartley