Astro Mysterium!


Spring 2021

Astro Mysterium!

Doesn’t that sound like a spell? And it is!

A year long Astro Witchery embodiment spell! Crafted from Nature’s Book of Secrets…


invite you to join me…

on this initiating journey into the WILDS of your Psyche with the Solar and Lunar cycles of the year. Through it you will receive much more than a course in Astrology, you will receive the support and ground for your journey of individuation ~ the Art of Self Creation ~ from the forces of nature themselves, sourced from the astrological archetypes, embodied arts, and the alchemical dance with your shadows.


The encounters with Nature’s primal intelligence is here to initiate, fortify and root us more deeply into our one precious life, maturing us through the cycles of our lives, supporting us to stay true to our original nature, and empowering us to carry this awakened intelligence  into our World for positive change.


As I spiral ever deeper into my own processes of self-enquiry, I have found that the opportunity to explore astrology and the embodied arts with Kathleen Prophet has been one of the most enriching and empowering experiences of my life. Not only has it brought a new level of depth to the services that I offer through my business, but has also led me to publish a book of poetry and to stage my first exhibition of self-portraiture. Through embodying my mythic astrology, I have discovered in myself a vitality in my capacity to create art, to create a life. ~ Amy Palko


 Program Description

Astro Mysterium! is an Astrology Mystery School of rare compare. Rather than an intellectual study of astrology, we will embark on a living journey through the landscape of the astrological archetypes over the year so as to embody these forces. As the Sun and Moon dance through the signs and planets of the zodiac they offer us a golden opportunity to have a direct experience with them, be initiated and enlightened by their primal intelligence. This work supports the specificity of each one’s journey of individuation. In our uniqueness, we are fed and grown more fully unto ourselves by these universal archetypes.


The Book of Secrets

Each month at the time of the Sun’s shift into its new sign you will receive a Book of Nature’s Secrets containing astrological teachings, myths, artwork, with guidance to create your own, along with a recorded journey and ritual on the new astrological archetypes for the month. Each Book will also contain lessons in astrology so that by the end of the year you will know how to read your own and others’ charts.  


The following are some of the subjects we will be working with over the year…

The Seasonal Self
The Elements
Sun Signs
Moon Phases
Aspects (Opposites, Squares, Trines)
Asteroid Goddesses
Black Moon Lilith
How to draw up your chart

Dark Moon Rituals (recordings)
The Seasonal Rites (recordings)

There will also be a Community to explore the work with others, share art, writings, photography fully experience the archetypes of the month as well as to share your work and your journey with other Astro Witches!  

I will also be offering LIVE Dark Moon rituals and Seasonal Rites throughout the year. These are separate events held in ritual online and offline spaces, that complement our work. 



Subscription to this program is $   monthly.

Members will receive discounts on Live Rituals and Retreats with me, as well as a discount on private readings.  



Through participating in the Dark Moon Rituals over the past year, I have experienced a quantum explosion in my creative process as well as deepening further into my own personal journey. Uncovering the archetypal energies of the astrological cycles combined with the creative process has brought untold riches in my own life and into my artistic practice of music composer. These rituals hold such a rich and deeply intuitive space that creates the safety for this depth level of unfoldment. ~ Wendalyn Bartley



Astro Mysterium! is an Astrology Mystery School of rare compare. An embodying journey through the landscape of the astrological archetypes of the year.  


Join me and other Astro Witches in this dance with the Holy WILD!  Register below!

For more information on this program and a deeper understanding of what the Holy WILD astrological forces of Nature are, watch the video below. 

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