The 13 Rites of the WITCH

The Season of the Witch

Join me in a Celebration of this Season 
In the 13 Rites of the Witch!




 Join me in a powerful journey into the heART of the Season of the Witch!  Ignite the powers of the Transformational Mysteries of Life, Death, Rebirth through the 13 Rites of the WITCH!


Gather round Wild Crones, Witches and Wild Things that Roam!  On a journey of co-creation with the Astro forces, using the alchemical Embodied Arts as our medium to unleash the powers of the Holy WILD and encounter the metamorphic powers of the Shadow Self. 

Join me round the Alchemical Cauldron of the WITCHES… the portal of liminal worlds! Where Magick rules and those who fear the dark stay away. Where soft animal bodies refuse to obey others’ rules, moving souly to the rhythm of their own heart beating to the throb of the Holy Wild.



I invite you to enter into this potent magickal time with these 13 Rites of the WITCH


Join me in the Rites of the WITCH, 13 Arts of Intentional MAGICK, in support of our lives and our World.


Autumn Sale: $99                       Regular Price: $147     





 The 13 Holy Rites of the WITCH


‘Tis the season of the Witch! The Creatures of the Night! The Season of Lilith! Loviatar! Medusa, Hekate & Her Legions of Witches! Persephone & the Monstrous Feminine, Louhi  & Loviatar, Mistress of the Land of the Dead & Mother of Plagues & wild things which cause fright!


All are roooammming seeking a birthplace for their becoming in this New Season of the Witch.


These archetypal forces are seeking their way into a world which has exiled them. They offer their powers of primal intelligence to those who seek to learn the ways of the Dark Goddesses and Olde Gods and journey to their realms through their ancient myths. 

We will give them pen to speak and brush to paint their forms into existence again! Rituals of time-weaving past with present and future so as to fashion new worlds and enoble the olde, Bodies to give them form and dance their powers into the world! 

welcome in our Ancestors ever seeking to help us along the way.  


These rites activate, alchemize and fuze the potency of the energies of this Season with our fertile Holy Unconscious.


Through these embodied Rites and encounters we are supported, nourished and empowered by the Holy Wild to banish the darkness that no longer serves, to alchemically heal the suffering within us and others, and to work our visions and desires into form.



These are the ways of the Sorcer/ess of Nature, within and without… hallowed be Her/His/Their Names!




13 Rites of the WITCH

The Rites include the following…

May be an image of 2 people

Astro Witchery
Altar Creation – Devotions to the Gods & Alchemy of the Light 
The Wild Crone in the Underground Forest
Ancestral Veneration & Communion
Shadow Hunting
The Art Sorceress
Luna Magick
Time Weaving – Past, Present, Future inBodied
Dark Asteroid Goddesses – Medusa, Lilith, Louhi, Hekate
Art Sorcery
Body Oracle
Alchemical Storytelling
Primal Intelligence of Rage – the Power of Emotions



The Wild Crones’ Underground Forest  Community



The 13 Rites will begin at the Portal of Autumn Euiqnox.  Each Rite will open every two days.  They will be in a course format, with secret writings, and video and audio recordings. There will be two live teaching events and one final live Samhain Ritual hosted on zoom.

You will be invited into a private  community on mighty networks to explore the rites with others if you so choose. This is optional for those who enjoy learning through engagement. It is encouraged! For where 2 or more witches come together, magick is amplified!



Most of the rites can be read and explored in 15 – 30 minutes, or deepend into for as long as you have time and desire. Once purchased, this coursework is yours to return to whenever you want. You will also be able to download the program if you prefer.




Join me in the Rites of the WITCH, 13 Arts of Intentional MAGICK, in support of our lives and our World.


Autumn Sale: $147                      Regular Price: $199  


One Payment of $99

Option: Two Payments of $50

7The 13 WITCH Rites program with an Astro Witch Reading – $299

A live or recorded reading, whichever you prefer, focusing on the Witch through the archetypes of Scorpio, Pluto, 8th House, Medusa, Persephone, Hekate, Louhi. You will have an opportunity to ask a question and focus on an area of your life you need support with.






13 RITES & Astrology Reading







13 RITES & Astrology Reading

2 payments of $100


The Wild Crone’s Underground Forest community


The 13 Holy Rites of the WITCH course and engagement will be housed in the mighty networks community:  The Underground Forest School. We will stir our 

The Rites will be made available every two days in course format on mighty networks beginning on the New Moon in Libra, October 6, 2021. You will be able to study in your own time, with optional private community to study and explore the rites with.  

You will receive an email when the new Rite is up. You have access to the course for at least 1 year, at which time you will be informed of its closure so you have the opportunity to download the files.



Words fall short at expressing the riches that Kathleen provides… to me, to women with whom she works, to the world! Wisdom garnered from her life experiences and trainings has supported me through the many years over which I’ve known her. Working in a male-dominated profession, my deep connection to my innermost feminine self has been bolstered, carried, and supported by my work with Kathleen. Deepening in my understanding of archetypal forces of nature, using astrology, intuition, and body-wisdom allows me to embrace my wholeness so that I can show up in my life as the powerful witch woman that I am!

Tools of the Witch


The following is a list of some of the magickal tools we will be working with. In most cases you already have everything you neeeeeed…

Astrology Chart  – you will be guided in creating your own which will be used for study, ritual and artwork

Book of Secrets  – You will be creating your own Book of Secrets out of the material we move through. This is a book of spells, rituals you can use in the future, and artwork that will feed you your whole life long.

Art materials  – a journal suitable for artwork (book of secrets), large paper or canvas, crayons, colored pencils, paints, markers, sparkles, feathers, glue, earth, spit, hair, blood, crushed berries, ash, candles, incense, spray essences. These are all nudgings to stir your imagination to life. A full materials list will be given.

Magick and Sacred Items for your Altar – images of Dark God/desses, Witches, Totems, Mirror, Poppets, Cauldron or burning bowl, candles, herbs suitable for burning

The Four Elements – FIRE, AIR, WATER, EARTH

Ancestors – Artifacts and Photos of your Ancestors, with copies to be used for artwork

A Room of Your Own – a hut in the forest, a closet, a kitchen, a basement

TIME of your Own

A WILD Place in Nature where your Wild Creatura can roam


The potency of this moment is scintillating out from the energies of this Season, wooooooing those of us who know ourselves as WITCH, Wildlings, and those who desire to participate in life in holy magickal ways. To intentionally engage with this powerful realm of Nature so as to rid ourselves of that which no longer serves and then to re-create ourselves from the earth of our original holy wild nature. This is the time to call forth the NEW World that is seeking us as ardently as we are seeking it.

Join me in the Rites of the WITCH, 13 Arts of Intentional MAGICK, in support of our lives and our World.




Through participating in the Dark Moon Rituals over the past year, I have experienced a quantum explosion in my creative process as well as deepening further into my own personal journey. Uncovering the archetypal energies of the astrological cycles combined with the creative process has brought untold riches in my own life and into my artistic practice of music composer. These rituals hold such a rich and deeply intuitive space that creates the safety for this depth level of unfoldment. ~ Wendalyn Bartley


Astro Influences over this Libra~Scorpio WITCH Cycle:

Sun, Luna, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Medusa, Vesta, all transiting Libra & Scorpio




  • September 22nd – Autumn Equinox – Sun moves into Libra
  • September 27th – October 17 – Mercury Retrograde
  • October 6 -New Moon in Libra  – The 13 Rites of the WITCH begin!
  • October 20th – Full Moon in Aries
  • October 23rd – Sun moves into Scorpio
  • October 31st – Halloween & the Eve of the Days of the Dead; Many celebrate Samhain on this eve – the Pagan, Celts & WITCH  New Year
  • November 1-3 – Dia de Los Muertos – The Days of the Dead
  • November 4th – New Moon in Scorpio
  • November 7th – the REAL SAMHAIN – Sol at 15° Scorpio – The WITCHES New Year!
  • November 8th, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus – Gatheway to the Otherworlds!
  • November 22nd – Sun moves into Sagittarius

Astro Readings with Kathleen Prophet

Astro Witch, Art Sorceress and Shadow Dancer… I live, breathe and embody the Astrological Holy WILD forces of Nature. I speak their Mother tongue, the language of Myth, Ritual and Art, to support you in unlocking the hieroglyphs of your Daemon, through your Mandala of Self, your astrology chart, for greater levels of Self Inquiry, Alchemy and Wisdom.

Through this alchemical process, together we woo out the vitality of your sacred Self eternally seeking to be made conscious and more fully realized in your life. 

This work supports you in the very real challenges and initiations experienced in your life.

Enter in and be supported, fortified and guided by the Holy WILD.

The 13 WITCH Rites program with an Astro Chart 45min Live Reading – $199

A live or recorded reading, whichever you prefer, focusing on the Witch Archetype through the archetypes of Scorpio, Pluto, 8th House, Medusa, Persephone, Hekate, Louhi. You will have an opportunity to ask a question and focus on an area of your life you need support with.






13 RITES & Astrology Reading







13 RITES & Astrology Reading

2 payments of $100

As I spiral ever deeper into my own processes of self-enquiry, I have found that the opportunity to explore astrology and the embodiedarts with Kathleen Prophet has been one of the most enriching and empowering experiences of my life. Not only has it brought a new level of depth to the services that I offer through my business, but has also led me to publish a book of poetry and to stage my first exhibition of self-portraiture. Through embodying my mythic astrology, I have discovered in myself a vitality in my capacity to create art, to create a life. ~ Amy Palko

Hekate . . . hearing his words from the abyss, came up . . . She was garlanded by fearsome snakes that coiled themselves round twigs of oak; the twinkle of a thousand torches lit the scene; and hounds of the underworld barked shrilly all around her.


Hekate Einodia, lovely dame, of earthly, watery, and celestial frame, sepulchral, in a saffron veil arrayed, pleased with dark ghosts that wander through the shade; Perseis (daughter of Perses), solitary goddess, hail!

The world’s key-bearer, never doomed to fail; in stags rejoicing, huntress, nightly seen, and drawn by bulls, unconquerable queen; Leader, Nymphe, nurse, on mountains wandering, hear the suppliants who with holy rites thy power revere, and to the herdsman with a favouring mind draw near.




Orphic Hymn to Hecate (Greek hymns C3rd B.C. to 2nd A.D.) 

 Honoring My Teachers…


I stand with the genius of the master teachers I have had the privilege to train under, whose brilliance is held at the core of these powerful magickal embodied works & arts I have synthesized and grown into something of my own in this work I bring to you. Hallowed Be Their Names!


Danielle Dulsky  – Yoga Training 500hrs, Flame Tender Training, Hag School Apprentice, Ceremonial Storytelling & Writing Mentorship

Marion WoodmanBodysoul Rhythm training

Shiloh McCloud – Intentional Creativity, Color of Woman

Aviva Gold – Painting from the Source Teacher

Neala Haze – Authentic Movement Institute

Jill Melnick – ITP Creative Expression masters degree Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

Jessica Murray – Astrology Teacher