Unleash Your Wild Creative Genius

 Empowerment through the Embodied Arts




Join me for a 12 week multi-media mystery tour into the Jewel of the Self…
the exquisite wild terrain of your deep creative Soul!


Each of us is born with a BRILLIANT creative Genius, unique unto ourselves, which we are impelled by nature to actualize.


This Genius is the evolutionary destiny seeded in each one of us.  It encompasses the physical, emotional, mental and archetypal inheritance of our families, our ancestors, the zeitgeist of our era, and our biological intelligence from its earliest beginnings ~ their gifts AND wounds ~ and evolves us beyond into what is uniquely and exquisitely our own.


Our Wild Creative Genius is the full magnificence of who we really are and meant to actualize in Life!  


Due to cultural and familial repression our wilder more eccentric characteristics become ‘dark’… unknown, unseen, unloved and in exile in our psyches.  This is what haunts us.  This is what makes us feel as though we are ill and unfulfilled.  Yet it is this dark hidden face of ourselves which holds the raw precious material from which we self create and manifest our genius from.


Join me for a 12 week multi-media exploration of the Jewel of the Self…  the exquisite wild RICH terrain of your deep creative Psyche! 


We will work with the embodied arts:  authentic movement, expressive painting and writing, and the art of witnessing, to explore and access the deep profound intelligence which resides within your ‘dark’ creative Genius and evoke it into your psyche  to transform, guide, fortify and unleash a whole new level of this force of your authenticity into Life.  This energy transforms your life and empowers you in your authenticity.

The Program Includes:

  • A 90 minute 1:1 session:  Unleash Your Wild Creative Genius Embodied Arts private session: $225 value
  • Live bi-monthly 2 1/2 hour multi-media (music & art) Embodied Arts webinar. These virtual sessions include: ritual, movement, expressive art, authentic writing, and live video witnessing
  • Recording of event made available after each session
  • Exclusive membership in the Dark Eros Salonto post and share your expressive art and writing with the other members of the group
  • Personal Witnessing in the Salon along with guidance in theArt of Witnessing
  • Training in the Embodied Arts: authentic movement, expressive art, authentic writing, ritual
  • Facebook Secret Group membership for group sharing
  • Email access to me for full support and witnessing during the program



The Mysteries of the Embodied Arts (short visual journey of the Embodied Arts) 

[vimeo width=”600″ height=”500″]http://vimeo.com/32428345[/vimeo]

Kathleen, you are an amazing ambassador for and guide to the darkness, the call inward. One who helps us explore the darkness and see the gold that is there. Thank YOU for being you and for all that you do to accept and embrace the innerworld. And for teaching and holding the space for us to do the same.


Laurie T. Rosenfeld, JD, MA
Coaching for Transformative Change


This Program is for you if…


  • you desire to midwife and nourish your Wild Creative Genius knowing it is your legacy and gift to the world!
  • you desire to live Life as the Shamana of your own Legend
  • you take responsibility for your own psyche and want to learn how to navigate its dark waters and make art out of it… the Art of Self Creation
  • you desire to find your original soul LIFE brand.  Think Frida Kahlo.
  • you are an artist, writer, composer, inventor, individuating entrepreneur, and want to plumb the depths of your mythic imagination to infuse your works with vital originality and collective relevance.
  • You desire to learn how to explore the deeper natural forces of creation and your creative nature through the embodied arts:  authentic movement, expressive art, writing.
  • you desire to choose and be fulfilled in relationships that satisfy you as the Lover Queen you are.
  • you want your life infused with Meaning!  Imagination! Joy! Ferocity! the MYSTERY of full living!  and engage in the activities to serve that end.


The 6 Archetypes of the Daemon we will be exploring are:

Week 1 –   The Wild Criatura  

Week 3 –  The Child 
Week 5 –  The Ancestors
Week 7 –  Mother & Father
Week 9 –  The Underworld ~ Your Shadow Sister
Week 11:   The Return ~ The Lover Queen ~ Living Your Legend


This 12 week Journey into the Mystery of Your Creative Genius through the Embodied Arts will give you…
  • An embodiment of the genius creative force of YOU and experience its vital energy positively transforming your life
  • A transformation of your dark wounds into powerful forces that become your greatest allies
  • An unleashing of a whole new level of your authenticity in your relationships, in love, in work, and spirituality
  • Training in the embodied arts – authentic movement, expressive painting and writing, the art of witnessing = skills for the well-being of your psyche
  • Art medicine images of original art birthed  from your deep psyche… images of your Daemonic Genius actualizing/realizing itself.  These pieces are transformative and scintillate healing
  • A lifelong communion with your Genius and intimate relationship in knowing how to Dance with your Daemon
Work with me if…
  • you desire powerful life transformation and to live fully from your authentic self, your Genius
  • you want to discover, learn more about and nourish your unique Genius
  • you want to transform early wounds and traumas into your strengths
  • you want your life to be infused with Meaning!  Imagination!  Joy!  Ferocity!  Full living!
  • you are an artist, writer, composer, inventor, innovator, entrepreneur, and want to plumb the depths of your mythic imagination to infuse your works with vital originality and collective relevance
  • you want to learn to navigate the dark waters of your psyche and make art out of it… the Art of Self Creation = your original brand  (Frida Kahlo)
  • you desire to explore your creative nature through movement, painting, writing, music
  • you’re stuck in your job or your relationship and are ready to find your way out of its dark entangled web
  • you need to develop the courage to face life’s challenges


Kathleen has a way of hosting darkness that allows one to see the rich tapestry of potentials carried within our suffering. Kathleen’s teaching is full-bodied.She makes direct contact with your material and artfully hosts it, drawing it out, and allowing it to express itself. The unconscious material comes up, andshe assists you to express it in whatever form it is wanting to be expressed: movement, painting, nature-play… Like a tea-leaf reader, she looks at your expressions and gleans the jewels within… Slowly we become more at home with ourselves: our longing, our fear, our dreams. Instead of shying away from who we are, we come to embrace ourselves, finding our way to true self-expression.

~ Colleen Kelly, MFT


As Life artists know, the source of their greatest most authentic work is found in the Dark Self…

the prima materia, the lump of lead of our pain, suffering, wounds, unfulfillment.  Through your relationship to your wild dark creative daemon working with the embodied arts we are transformed into the authentic gold of the Self.  The Jewel is in the shadows and wounds that haunt us.  This Tao is rarely taught.  Most strive for the light rather than choose to enter the Darkness.  Most strive to be “good, happy, successful outstanding citizens of the world” rather than work with and evoke the dark revolutionaries of the soul… the shadows, the naysayers, the wounded, the exiled, the anti-light.  And yet herein lies the Jewel ~ the forces of nature which truly support and fulfill our wholeness.


One Payment Option of $699.00


Three Payment Option of $250



Kathleen is dark and mysterious, yet the brilliance of her authenticity could light up a small city. Being in her presence allowed me to scrape the depth of my shadow and I knew that she could hold space for anything that I was able to conjure up, that and more, as long as I stood in my truth… Can you hear the birds calling, the wolves howling with laughter? that’s where she is.

Robin Samadhi




I have always been honored and blessed by your gift of insight, love and dedication to our Womanly path.  As I embraced your presence and prepared for my own Rite of Passage that you so graciously performed for me, I experienced such a wonder of spirit.  The music chosen brought each of us to a higher realm of spirit, the ritual, the dance, the cocooning was magical… You gifted me with your Shaman presence of wisdom, healing, love and grace.  I was transported beyond the earth moment into a inner peace, a place where birth begins.  Kathleen has the incredible ability to help one connect to their true authentic self and express that energy in many manifestations.  For me, she listened  to my heart beat and then the drums followed the rhythm and then my body, truly connecting to the core of my existence. 

– Jewels Vecera


Kathleen, juicy, ragingly powerful darkness itself, but not only…. it is the blood that drips from your fangs of authenticity, the love that rages from your heart, the ruthless ripping away and raw exposure of anything that hints at less than truth for you, that draws me, like a moth to a flame.
– Lisa Buell


The sacred events that I have participated in with you (whether at your house or in Joshua Tree or on our beautiful coast) have shown me that you have the connection, the will, and the love to “produce” meaningful group work. You are attuned to psyche and she repays your faith and passion with a deepening insight and a nurture we all partake of. I have expanded my capacity for witnessing and containing as a direct result of your individual example. I have further integrated the multiple potentials that art writing movement and ritual can offer individuals and groups as a direct result of your passionate influence.  In short, you have a natural (yet experienced and well-read) calling for this  work. 

– Colette Nower