The Medusa Report 


Embody Your Sacred Powers of Creative Wisdom





I saw you once, Medusa; we were alone. 
I looked you straight in the cold eye, cold. 
I was not punished, was not turned to stone – 
How to believe the legends I am told?…

I turn your face around! It is my face. 
That frozen rage is what I must explore – 
Oh secret, self-enclosed, and ravaged place! 
This is the gift I thank Medusa for.

– May Sarton “The Muse of Medusa”



Medusa’s earliest roots carry us into our original ground of power and creation.


She was one of the triple Moon Goddesses worshipped in North Africa before the Greeks came and conquered these goddess centric matriarchal cultures and rewrote their myths. Medusa, Athena, Metis.

Medusa may in fact be Athena’s dark sister, who personifies the shadow side of her powerful instinctive femininity.  The historical origins of these two goddesses take us back to North Africa and to the Egyptian goddess Neith, who was known as Anatha in Libya and as Athena to the Greeks.


Neith emerged from the primeval floodwaters, and her name means “I have come from myself.”


The inscription on her temple at Sais reads, “I am all that has been, that will be, and no mortal has yet been able to lift the veil that covers me.” Neith represented Mother Death, and to see her face behind the veil was to have died.

In Libya Neith, known as Anatha, was said to have arisen out of Lake Tritonis, the Lake of the Triple Queens. She displayed her triple nature as Athena, Metis, and Medusa, who corresponded to the new, full, and dark phases of the moon.


Athena was the new moon warrior maiden who inspired the Amazon tribes of women to courage, strength, and valor. The Sea Goddess Metis, whose name means “wise counsel,” was the full moon mother aspect of this trinity who, in later mythical tales, conceived Athena from Zeus.

Medusa embodied the third, dark aspect as destroyer/crone, and she was revered as the Queen of the Libyan Amazons, the Serpent Goddess of female wisdom. Originally Athena and Medusa were two aspects of the same goddess, Anatha; and as such they are part of the same archetype associated with a feminine-defined strength and wisdom.


Like Her Amazon priestesses Medusa wore a leather pouch around Her waist that contained live snakes representing wisdom and renewal. She carried with Her the original Gorgon mask or Gorgoneion whose purpose was to frighten off the uninitiated and thus help protect the secrecy surrounding the magic of the dark moon. The mask was painted red to symbolize the power of the menstrual blood. It had gruesome glaring eyes, bared fanged teeth and, like the Hindu Goddess Kali, a protruding tongue. 


Medusa’s face was once synonymous with divine female wisdom.


In ancient Libya She was linked to divination, healing, magic and the sexual serpent mysteries associated with death and renewal. To invoke Her wisdom Her priestesses would wear Medusa’s mask and celebrate the sexual rites with the representatives of the sea gods.



Athena: Warrior Goddess

Metis: The woman I was to call my mother was silenced before she was born.

Medusa: Sex and Death and Dark Moon Mysteries




Oh Wise One!
Keeper of the Dark Moon Mysteries,
Goddess of Death and Rebirth.



The Medusa Report 



In this Medusa report, I will draw up your chart with the three asteroid goddesses who make up the Triple Moon Goddess: Medusa, Athena, and Metis. I will also include Algo, the Demon Star, who represents the severed heard of Medusa.

Through exploring these archetypes and where they appear in your Sacred Mandala of Self, your astrology chart, and how they influence areas of your life through your suppressed and unlived drives, we will begin the unearthing of this Dark Feminine power in your psyche for the unleashing of your self creationary powers.



Medusa Embodiment Session


For those who would like to take the next step in embodying these powers of the deeper feminine to awaken and work with their primal rage, the Medusa Embodiment Session will support you to journey into your bodypsyche and retrieve these powers.

Through the Embodied Arts: authentic movement, shamanic art, and witnessing, you will engage in a living tour de force with these archetypal forces. This is truly the most powerful aspect of the work I do. The embodiment process merges the whole of who we are, conscious with unconscious, stirring the force of our Daemon to life and unleashes the creative energies of the deeper feminine into our bodies and our lives.

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Lilith Medusa

Here, when the danger to his will is greatest,  Art approaches as a saving sorceress, expert at healing. She alone knows how to turn these nauseous thoughts about the horror or absurdity of existence into notions with which one can live: these are the sublime as the artistic taming of the horrible, and the comic as the artistic discharge of the nausea of absurdity. ~ Friedrich Neitzsche