“Kathleen’s program is so deeply personal, she embraces you, guides you, holds you in those precious moments of rebirth. I found after each session a veil was lifted, a burden gone, worries no longer had their grip on me or power over my feelings. I found myself accepting myself, loving myself, honoring myself and the greatest gift was finding my voice.

“Kathleen’s incredible gift as the creator of this program and the facilitator is profound, liberating and life changing.  Thank you Kathleen for your years of self exploration and discovery and bringing to all of us women on this sacred path of life a Staff to guide us through the Maya.”

 Jewels Moore, RN, BSN, PHN, CHPN

“When Kathleen and I had our one-on-one Embodied Arts session (with drawing and movement), I was going through a huge personal transition and evolution… My relationship was changing and I felt compelled to change my life, but I wasn’t certain which way to turn. I wasn’t very comfortable with the idea of movement unleashing my psyche – I was scared of how I would look or what might come up. It seemed like it might be a dark experience or I might go into a dark space.

“In fact, the experience was the exact opposite! As I moved and drew with Kathleen as my witness (virtually – over Skype), I began to feel held. I felt beautiful, empowered, and fearless. The emotions and thoughts that arose were not dark at all… simply deeply true. When Kathleen relayed to me what she observed, I was blown away. I felt so loved, so warmly received, so safely held. She saw a woman coming into her own. A woman self-contained. She saw me. The real me. And I loved what was reflected back to me. One hour with Kathleen actually changed how I saw myself, which will change my life.

“…Don’t be frightened because it’s unfamiliar territory. Embrace it, and watch your truth unfold in the most beautiful, sacred way.”

Lola Medicine Keeper, Shamanic Healer, WildPlayground.com

“Kathleen possesses a deep wisdom of the sacred feminine energy that is calling women home. Her ability to witness the unique gifts of women, and help then integrate both the dark and the light is phenomenal.

“In my personal experience, the feeling of peace and grounding I felt during and after her Body Psyche work was absolutely life affirming. I highly recommend Kathleen Prophet if you want a clearer path to access your powerful inner genius and you want to express that part of yourself more fully in the world.”

Nona Jordan The Business Yogini

“Your sessions were critical in giving me the strength to walk through this threshold of not knowing if my son would make it.  The night of surgery, I lit candles on my altar, sat on my meditation cushions and held my staff just like I did with you.  I cried and stood and held the staff to help me walk through this.

What a powerful metaphor for walking through this. Your sessions helped me deeply. You are so gifted and so wise, Kathleen!  Thank you!

Sherold BarrMaster Life Coach & Freedom Fighter

“Kathleen, I think of you as an amazing ambassador for and guide to the darkness, the call inward. One who helps us explore the darkness and see the gold that is there. Thank YOU for being you and for all that you do to accept and embrace the innerworld. And for teaching and holding the space for us to do the same.”

Laurie T. Rosenfeld  JD, MA, Coaching for Transformative Change

“I love ALL that we covered in this deep and provocative journey together. Your gift for witnessing each of us deeply is palpable. So many shifts have occurred for me as I navigate the turbulent waters of my psyche and the family dynamics that evoke both my brilliance AND my shadows. It s no accident that I entered into this work with you at the time I needed it most. I am dancing with the dark in the light of the moon and I am forever grateful for all that I have learned from you, Kathleen. I know there will be more.”

Sue Ann Gleason, Conscious Bites Nutrition

“Since 1998, I have had the deep pleasure of knowing Kathleen, holding witness to her growth and her deepening into the different modalities that are available to tap into our Genius. She is a devotee to unlocking the gifts that reside in our unconscious and bringing into the light that which has gone underground in our psyches.”

In my very male-dominated and logic-driven profession of Civil Engineering, I understand the criticality of balancing that aspect of me with its opposite aspect; my creative side, my embodied soulful side. Truly, it is a matter of life and death; living life to its fullest potential or living only half a life.

Since meeting Kathleen, she has facilitated my movement into a Full Life. I continue to be bolstered by her direct interaction with me and by seeing her as a model of what a person dedicated to mining life’s available richness can become. It is truly an honor for me to know and work with Kathleen.”

Teresa Herrera, P.E.  Engineering Manager and Seeker of Life’s Meaning

“Kathleen is dark and mysterious, yet the brilliance of her authenticity could light up a small city. Being in her presence allowed me to scrape the depth of my shadow and I knew that she could hold space for anything that I was able to conjure up, that and more, as long as I stood in my truth… Can you hear the birds calling, the wolves howling with laughter? that’s where she is.”

Robin Samadhi

“Kathleen has a way of hosting darkness that allows one to see the rich tapestry of potentials carried within our suffering. Kathleen’s teaching is full-bodied. She makes direct contact with your material and artfully hosts it, drawing it out, and allowing it to express itself. The unconscious material comes up, and she assists you to express it in whatever form it is wanting to be expressed: movement, painting, nature-play… Like a tea-leaf reader, she looks at your expressions and gleans the jewels within… Slowly we become more at home with ourselves: our longing, our fear, our dreams. Instead of shying away from who we are, we come to embrace ourselves, finding our way to true self-expression.”

~ Colleen Kelly, MFT

Kathleen, juicy, ragingly powerful darkness itself, but not only…. it is the blood that drips from your fangs of authenticity, the love that rages from your heart, the ruthless ripping away and raw exposure of anything that hints at less than truth for you, that draws me, like a moth to a flame.

– Lisa Buell

“The sacred events that I have participated in with you (whether at your house or in Joshua Tree or on our beautiful coast) have shown me that you have the connection, the will, and the love to “produce” meaningful group work. You are attuned to psyche and she repays your faith and passion with a deepening insight and a nurture we all partake of. I have expanded my capacity for witnessing and containing as a direct result of your individual example. I have further integrated the multiple potentials that art writing movement and ritual can offer individuals and groups as a direct result of your passionate influence.  In short, you have a natural (yet experienced and well-read) calling for this  work.”

– Colette Nower