body of work2a

My Body of Work.
My work of embodiment.
My sea of devotion to the ground of me.
The ground of my body.

“Return to the ground of your body!”
the bodiless dream voice commands,
Gazing upon the flowing fount of red earth
spewing out of the neck of the woman shaped clay vessel.

This body… mine/
Desires and powers locked away too long in my Dark Eros box!
“Too long!” She cries!
Hidden away under the bed
upon which I’ve made and lie until I die and then truly cry
for the loss of life and expression I could have done and been.
This heart pounding clock is ticking and is finite
no matter what universal love I may dissolve into at its end.

This body MINE! Here and NOW!
Throbbing with desire and greed for the orgasm of life,
the 8000 clitoral pathways driving this continuum of self unfolding unto itself
so magnificently!!
particularly now that the skins of socio-political family pressure conditioning
of mind and body control…
mind and body fuck up!
yes, FUCK YOU!
Thick old layers of non self FINALLY shed!!

A revolution so the evolution of me can exist and issue forth from the whole womb of me!
yes, this womb fashioning my life and loves
wending its way through the brambles of the hell of others,
the madness,
their lostness,
their bullshit, their lies and traps,
Allllllllll I am navigating through the impulse of my horniness
my drive for life and self creation

My clitoral pulsation
lusciously met in my sexual union with others,
and vitally so,
in my sexual union with Self!
The ground for all else to be birthed from
and for which I sacrifice allllll for…
short of my sons…
and my lovers like no others
who meet me here in their naked raw visceral heart-raging truth.
This place where the stripping down becomes the opening up to this hallowed ground of self flourishing life.