The Venus Vespers – Venus Retrograde

Join me in a 40 day Vigil with Venus –December 19th to January 29th

The Heavens are stirring its magick to the fore of our lives in more than one geometric alignment with astral-archetypal bodies here to support, fortify and guide us. We are one with these forces of the Holy Wild and it is to them we are being wooed to nourish ourselves and luxuriate in their nature.

Venus is about to enter her 40 day cyclic retrograde, beginning December 19th. Descending from her glorious dance with Luna as the Evening Star, and spiraling down over the horizon, down, down, down to the Underworld to meet her sister, Ereshkigal, and then make her return journey to finally reappear as the Morning Star, ending her retrograde journey on January 29th.

Holy Holy Holy are the Ways of Nature, within and without!!

Venus does this dance betwixt and between Evening Star to Morning and Morning Star to Evening every 9 months. The full cycle is 18 months. Yessssssss… do you see it?! There is MAGICK in those numbers. Magick that is meant to serve us in our lives!

Pluto and Venus are conjunct at 25° Capricorn, initiating Venus’ journey into the Underworld. And we are alllll going with her, whether consciously or not.

When I first heard about this conjunction and Venus’ retrograde period, I knew I was being called to commit to a vigil. Things are dying in my life and psyche which are seeking to be honored so they can be fully released. Other things are seeking to grow me into the next chapter of my life. In this moment, I feel a bit caught betwixt and between worlds.

* The 5 Petals of Venus *

Pathway of Initiations of Love

I invite you to journey with me in devotion and supplication to Venus during her 4o day sojourn from Evening Star to Morning Star using the myth of Inanna and Ereshkigal for our devotions and artistic expressions.

Venus-Inanna is the Goddess of the fierce tests of Love, and the true wealth that comes from a a life richly lived, which includes the money and abundance we need, a felt sense of luxury and the lusciousness that comes with our embodied sensuality. In the sign of Capricorn, she inspires our deepest Vocation, the Legacy of our lives.


And She is so much more.

Our Vespers will begin on December 19th, the day Venus begins her retrograde, in a live zoom event. If you can’t make it live, the recording will be made available.

In this journey we will use embodiment practices as a way to offer up our vespers to Venus to meet this initiation.

Over these 40 days you will receive…

  • My deepest devotions carved out of years of embodiment practices and work with this particular myth in circles of women throughout the world.
  • The original 5000 year old texts, written by the first known author, Enheduanna, the ancient woman Sumerian Poet, to read and use as our liturgy
  • Your astrology chart with Venus’ transits and stages through the underworld and back out as morning star. You will know where this transit is occurring and the areas of life it is initiating
  • Depth psychological reflections on the myth of Inanna & Ereshkigal from the great teachers of our time, Marion Woodman, Sylvia Perera, and others
  • Kriyas – body mudras – body prayers as devotionsSensual body practices – Venus’ direct communion is through the sensory pathways of the body
  • Expressive art formssuch as painting, writing, drawing, photography, nature play… to be worked on like the prayer filled devotional Tibetan sand paintings, and then offered up at the end of the 40 days, in a way that is true for you.

Live Events

  • December 19th 2021 – 12 pm pst – Opening Event & ritual

  • January 9, 2022 – 12 pm pst – The Underworld – Ereshkigal Ritual

  • January 23, 2022 – 12 pm pst – The Return


*Please note, because this cycle is so dynamic, I may offer more spontaneous live events to meet the moment. All events will be recorded and immediately sent out afterward.

Biweekly Emails

Biweekly emails will be sent on:
Monday – Day of the Moon
Friday – Day of Venus

These emails will include some of the following for you to weave into your daily vigil to Venus-Inanna as feels true:

  • Ancient songs, prayers, and invocations to Innana & Ereshkigal

  • Bodysoul practices

  • Embodied Art rituals

  • Astrology – the movement of Venus and other related transits

  • Depth reflections on the Myth

These practices will bring us closer to Venus-Inanna-Ereshkigal, and support us in the Initiation that the whole world will be going through… unconsciously.

You will also receive …

  • Astrology updates, teachings and inspirations for your writing and art. In live events, recordings and writing.

  • An invitation to join a private community on facebook – to revel in and witness to each other’s writings and art… to cross pollinate our Venusian natures, as Venus’ beloved creature, the bee does… so as to hone the precious gift of relatedness to oneself and others. These are her ways.

You are not required to participate in the group on facebook to do the practices, or to experience a powerful response from this work. All of these elements will be emailed directly to you.

The most important work will be our personal devotion unto this Holy Wild One, this force of Nature that moves and shapes us in wild and wondrous ways, when we are engaged in a devotional co-creative act. This WILD force of nature that brought all the gods to their knees. This force of love & eros that binds bodies and souls together…


This 40 day & 40 eve journey is one I have been called to go on and I would love to have you join me.

One Payment of $140

Two Payments of $70



Our Vespers will begin on December 19th, the day Venus begins her retrograde, in a live zoom event. If you can’t make it live, the recording will be made available.

We will enter into a ritual that meets the moment, the astro archetype She is sojourning in: Capricorn; along with the energy of the Full Moon in Gemini, and our spiraling toward the stillpoint of the year, the nadir of the Sun at Winter Solstice, 0° Capricorn.

I will be writing more and doing a live events to woo all who are called to join me in this 40 day Vigil.

This is the Way of Love and Empowerment.

Hallowed be, loves, in these darkening into the Holy times…
my love to you,


More on Inanna & Venus

Can you imagine? A whole culture participating in this great enactment that joined heaven and earth in one cosmic drama!

This is the realm of living fully in-sync with the Holy Wild so as to be supported, grown, matured, and returned to the other side as a Knowing One.

The planet Venus draws closest to Earth during its retrograde cycle. She is conjunct Pluto at 25° in this moment, the Underworld Ruler, Pluto-Ereshkigal is by her side, stationing in preparation for the beginning of her retrograde on the 19th.

This is the time for us to meet Inanna and Ereshkigal, feel their presence dancing in and round us as the planet casts its shadow over the Earth, stirring our deepest Venusian selves to the fore.

Venus rules over all that relates to the Force of Attraction:

Love. Relationships. Money. Art. Aesthetics. Beauty. Pleasure. Sensuality. Etiquette. Diplomacy.

It is She who points to our Values and most specifically, our value of our self.

Inanna is a Trickster Goddess. She tricked the Father gods to return the 7 powers of Nature back to her, their rightful caretaker. She is an Embodied Lover, expressing her love for the Earth through her Sensual Body and in her love for Dumuzi.

Most importantly, she is a Knowing Woman as it relates to the Underworld/Unconscious. She knows one must make amends to the Shadow Self. She choses to make a conscious descent to the Underworld to meet all that she had ignored in exile: her outcast sister, Ereshkigal, Queen of the Underworld.

This is the most known and feared part of the myth… and the most powerful.

Inanna returns from the Land of the Dead with great power, strength and wholeness to meet her Life with new capacity and courage to change what is not right. She is whole, rooted, embodied.


One Payment of $140

Two Payments of $70


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The Exaltation of Inanna: Opening Lines and Excerpts
 by Enheduanna

Lady of all divine powers!
Lady of the resplendent light!
Righteous Lady adorned in heavenly radiance!

Beloved Lady of An and Uraš!
Hierodule of An, sun-adorned and bejeweled!
Heaven’s Mistress with the holy diadem,
Who loves the beautiful headdress befitting the office of her high priestess!

Powerful Mistress, seizer of the seven divine powers!
My Heavenly Lady, guardian of the seven divine powers!
You have seized the seven divine powers!
You hold the divine powers in your hand!
You have gathered together the seven divine powers!
You have clasped the divine powers to your breast!

You have flooded the valleys with venom, like a viper;
all vegetation vanishes when you thunder like Iškur!
You have caused the mountains to flood the valleys!
When you roar like that, nothing on earth can withstand you!

Like a flood descending on floodplains, O Powerful One, you will teach foreigners to fear Inanna!

You have given wings to the storm, O Beloved of Enlil!
The storms do your bidding, blasting the unbelievers!

Foreign cities cower at the chaos You cause!
Entire countries cower in dread of Your deadly South Wind!
Men cower before you in their anguished implications,
raising their pitiful outcries,
weeping and wailing, beseeching Your benevolence with many wild lamentations!

But in the van of battle, everything falls before You, O Mighty Queen!