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Into Sagittarius We Gallop

Centauress by Howard Johnson.jpg

Artemis by Howard Johnson

Into Sagittarius ♐, the Centauress, we gallop! 🐎

Dear Astro Witches of the Holy WILD!

Welcome to our 9th House of Sagittarius and Jupiter! We have indeed arrived! Have you noticed a shift? A lift? An expansion? A deepening into meaning? A tug towards the sacred? Beneath the manic whipping up of the consumerism, can you sense the deeper rhythms intoning in the the Earth Body? In yours?

Sol and we have arrived in the FIRES of Sagittarius, the Centaur, and the last month of Autumn.

As one of the three FIRE signs, Sagittarius is truly the Woman who runs with the wolves. Sag rules the THIGHS, the legs of the Centaur, carrying us into the heart of Nature away from the collective madness.

SHE is most at home in the forest and mountains, but any wilds will doooo… the desert, the ocean coast, anywhere where She/we can runnnnnnn WILD and free. This is one of the most restless forces in the zodiac.

The Sagittarius energy within us refuses to be bound by the laws of the patriarchy. Will not be domesticated. Always sees the limitations in any system. Does not want to grow roots. She is nomadic. Knows the World as her home. She is the Visionary. The Intuitive. The High Priestess of the Sacred.

Sagittarius ♐ is ruled by Jupiter ♃, the force of EXPANSION. And just like the buoyancy of the actual planet, we experience this energy as ENTHUSIASM and yes, INFLATION. BIG BIGGER BIGGEST! And while inflation has a bad rap, we would never dare to aspire to our visions without it. Aim high and take on the adventure of life! is the drive in us which Sagittarius and Jupiter rule.

Our Sol in Sagittarius ♐ is waning… turning inward, pulling down and into its most Yin state, as it moves towards the nadir of the year at Winter Solstice.

Jupiter ♃ and Sagittarius ♐ rule the 9th House. The House of LONG JOURNEYS – inward and outward – around the World and into non-ordinary states of consciousness.

It drives us towards the pursuits which hold meaning for us. It is our instinct of yearning for Spirit, the Sacred. The root of religion is ‘relgio’ and means ‘link to the sacred.’

The fact this force is imaged as the Centaur, which is a mythical creature that is half human and half horse, points to the divine dissatisfaction this part of ourselves carries with it. Our spirts travel far in our imaginations! and yet our bodies hold us to the rhythms of the earth, our instincts, and all that flesh is heir to. Moving slowly can be frustrating for the unbridled mind! whose spirit wants to FLY!

Yet as much as our more spiritual nature may seek to ascend away from these grosser aspects of matter and our physical nature, Sagittarius’ deeper truth is: Body and Soul and Spirit are One. BodySoulSpirit. Hallowed Be Its Name.


Look to where these forces land in your chart.

What House does 0° Sagittarius land in your chart? Whoooo lives there?
What sign and house does your natal Jupiter live in?
Sagittarius and Jupiter rules the 9th House, who inhabits this House in your chart?

What House is transiting Jupiter at 4° Sagittarius in?

Who is the personal ruler of your 9th House? (the sign which lives on the cusp of the 9th House).

Jupiter, Sagittarius and the 9th House will be stirring these areas of our BodySouls to LIFE over this month.

I invite you to place your chart below and name where these archetypes are occurring for you as a way to draw your awareness to them, and them to you… and to evoke their presence for support and strength, for magick and wonder!

My deep love and regard for you and your holy ways. Blessings of these forces upon us all. Work them! for we have the light of consciousness now to do so.


Welcome to Sagittarius Video

Astro Weather for Sagittarius

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Sagittarius’s 2018 Birth Chart

Sagittarius Birth Chart.png

Sagittarius Astro Chart Video

My Flaming Chart

KPs Astrodienst style chart black.jpg

Sagittarius’ Characteristics

Sagittarius the Archer ~ Characteristics


NINTH sign in the zodiac.

MUTABLE Sign  flexibility, adaptability, and the ability to adjust; “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

Ruler: JUPITER – Requirement of freedom to expand and explore!

Element: FIRE  highly energetic and inspirational; athletic and active with an athletic physique.

9th House  Higher Education. Travel. Philosophy. Religious/Spiritual Beliefs. Link to the Sacred.

Sagittarius Nature: Adventurer. Explorer of far-off lands. Philosophy. Aiming for and seeking truth.

Sagittarius & 9th House Rule: Belief Systems. Travel. Higher Education. Higher Thinking. Right Brain. BIG Picture. Whole to part.

The Teacher – Yoda. Masculine/YANG force. Active energy, drive, determination, outer-awareness or extroversion.

Generous. Open. Optimistic.


Sagittarius ~ A Mutable Sign

The Mutable Signs


The word “mutable” comes from the Latin root mutabilis, which means change. Mutate and mutation also arise from this root.

Mutable is a quality assigned to a sign. There are three qualities: mutable, cardinal and fixed. These qualities are one of the building blocks of astrology and are based on how each type of quality engages with the world.

Mutable signs mediate change and change their modes of expression frequently.

In astrology, there are four mutable signs: Gemini, an AIR sign; Virgo, an Earth sign; Sagittarius, a FIRE sign; and Pisces, a WATER sign.

These mutable forces are adaptable like chameleons. This is their true Nature! Which can be confusing to those who are more fixed in their sense of self. The mutable identities of others (and ourselves!) can quickly shift into many forms and take on different personas and not feel as if they are being untrue to who they are.

I am reminded of the daemons in the series, His Dark Materials, by Phillip Pullman. During the childhood of a human, their dæmon could shapeshift into any kind of animal. This change could be due to emotion, need for a particular skill such as night vision, or simply whim.

Thisssssss is the Nature of Sagittarius! It is a Holy WILD Power to develop a relationship with so as to fortified and supported by it, rather than buffeted about.


The Mutable Signs glyphs small.jpg


Gemini ~ Virgo ~ Sagittarius ~ Pisces

Mutable Houses and Signs


A Sagittarius Sensibility

We Don’t Need More Sleep

We don't need more sleep .jpg


A definite Sag sensibility. And do remember, we all have Sagittarius Natures. Have you found yours?

I have always been amazed at the phenomenon of energy. How I can write some of my best works (from my perception) with a migraine after a few hours of sleep. Or how when I enter a ritual feeling exhausted and numb, coming through the otherside with a force of vitalizing inSPIREd energy. Yes, this is where I depart from my mother’s tao of self care. Sometimes it looks like anything but.

Sagittarius is the sign of inspiration! that is a SPIRIT I can follow! I feel it expand not only my consciousness, but also the perceived weight that my body and its illness or sufferings pull me down to. Even there, I have found when I connect with the intelligence of my illness, my pain, my physical edges, that there is spirit there as well. The archetype just waiting for me to turn and speak with it, dance it, write it.

Yes… life and our bodies and our psyches our bodypsyches are not what they appear to be to the uninitiated.

The Nature of Jupiter


Evelyn De Morgan Painting Jupiter.jpeg

Painting by Evelyn De Morgan – 1897

In a dark and desolate country, an aged king broods over his hoard of gold, while the dark Angel of Death approaches, a cloud-like mantle floating around her. It is strewn with stars and a moon shines dimly in the angel’s dusky wing, all typical of the elements into which the miser will soon be resolved. Away in the distance, a freed spirit rises into the sky. – Walter Sparrow

Jupiter – Natural Ruler of Sagittarius and the 9th House


Jupiter is transiting in Sagittarius at 4°

Jupiter ingressed into Sagittarius on the 9th of November, 2018. This is no small shift, for this force of nature is the force of expansion itself… GROWTH! InflationBUOYANCYEnthusiasmInspiration! The Force of the Spirit! And it has entered into the very sign it rules: Sagittarius.

And while I have my issues with the old gods, particularly Jupiter, who was guised as Zeus in the Greek myths, I have since seized back my Jupiter power and my rightful place on what was once his throne. No more persecution by the old religions who sought to shame me for my wanton way, I have taken my position in the spirit world that the patriarchal Jupiter/Zeus once ruled and turned what was once upsidedown rightside up. Hallowed be Lilith’s name.

Jupiter as an archetype in our charts rules all our link to the sacred, which is the root of religion: religio. This realm was stolen from us by the old patriarchy, ripped away like the ripping of the great forests away from our earth. Stolen from the people to whom the holy rites belonged. Stolen from our bodies through horrific abuse and persecution… by none other than that patriarchal god, Yahweh, and his minions. Yahweh, the war god, who as been the organizing principle for the majority of humans on this planet for 2000 years. That was his/the patriarchy’s central goal and purpose to conquer and control all.

No more.

Jupiter’s movement into Sagittarius marks a shift in how we relate to the holy WILD. How we relate and co-create with these powers. I have discovered, as many have, there are many other ways to invite these powers in.



Jupiter transiting its home sign of Sagittarius: November 8th 2018 – December 3rd, 2019

Jupiter’s Shadow Nature

A planet in its own sign can be one-sided and extreme. Without reflection, without pause, it pursues its aim with unearned confidence. It knows only how to be itself. Seeking its aim without shame. Needing no approval, it is sometimes impervious to being checked.

With this combination, that can translate into an increase in the proliferation of dogmatic philosophies. Proselytizing. Inflation. In general, Jupiter in Sagittarius is incredibly fortunate unless it is just impervious to common sense.

Faith without critical thought is delusion. Growth without a moral compass is corruption. Consuming as much as is possible is a greed that leads to deep, spiritual depression.

These are the shadows of Jupiter we must all watch for.

In our drive for success, we can easily get swept up in the inspiring energy of our visions and lose touch with what is truly best for the totality of who we are. Before we know it we may find ourselves walking a path which takes us further and further from our true self into an inauthentic false self through which we encounter and interact with the world around us. Living from this false self gradually starves our spirit (Jupiter), causing our vitality to drop considerably as a result.

Jupiter is asking us to consider how we go about looking after ourselves and maintaining our integrity.

Where is Jupiter’s transit at 4° Sagittarius occurring in your chart? What House is it in? What astral bodies will be aspect by this transit?

Jupiter Cycles

Because Jupiter has a 12 year orbit, whether or not you have any planets or points in Sagittarius, Jupiter is in the same part of your chart that it was 12 years ago. That means you are experiencing a growth spurt in the same area of your life that you did then (late 2006 – late 2007).

The 9th House

Mysteries of the 9th House

black House chart.jpg


Mankind is poised midway between the gods and the beasts. ~ Plotinus

The 8th house invariably implies some degree of pain, crises and suffering. Hopefully, in surviving these difficult times, we emerge renewed, cleansed, and wiser about ourselves and life in general. Having descended into the depths and somehow managed to find our way up again, an overview is gained which allows us to conceive of life as a journey and process of unfoldment. The fiery 9th house, naturally associated with Jupiter and Sagittarius, follows upon the troubled waters of the 8th and offers a broader perspective on all that has occurred up to now. Enough experience has been gathered to attempt formulating some conclusions about the meaning and purpose of our sojourn. The 9th is the area of the chart most directly concerned with philosophy and religion – questions about the ‘whys and wherefores’ of existence. It is here that we seek the Truth, endeavouring to fathom the underlying patterns and basic laws which govern life.

Howard Sasportas ~ The Twelve Houses: Exploring the Houses of the Horoscope




9th House (naturally associated with Jupiter and Sagittarius)


  • The search for meaning, purpose, direction and guidelines in life.
  • Seeking the truth and fathoming the underlying patterns and laws which govern existence.
  • The higher mind, intuitive thought processes and the workings of the right brain.
  • The ability to imbue an event with significance and the symbol-making capacity of the psyche.
  • The style in which we pursue religious and philosophical issues.
  • The god-image.
  • What pulls us forward.
  • Viewing life at a distance.
  • Travel and long journeys.
  • Our view of life’s journey.
  • Journeys of the mind and higher education.
  • Codified systems of collective thought.
  • The dissemination of ideas – teaching, publishing, preaching and promotional work.
  • The higher courts.
  • The ability to sense the direction in which something is heading.
  • Relationship to in-laws.
  • A possible indication of career.

The 9-3 Axis of the Mind ~ Sagittarius-Gemini