Autumn Equinox is almost here! its exact moment of equipoise is September 23rd, at 00:50am pdt. Yes, just after the midnight hour tonight. Watch your dreams!

**(place your charts below and a flow write of what is present for you so we can scryyyy together over your Cauldron of Self!)

It is time to celebrate the new Season of Autumn in preparation for what lies ahead during the darkening time of year. The Seasonal portals are dynamically WILD! tis their nature to be so! Think of Spring Equinox, when all the world is in a mad cacophony of birthing itself. And now, on the exact opposite side of the year, we are being urged by the Great Mother herself to harvest that hallowed Self.

And with allllllll the other changing cycles occurring at this turning point – Harvest Moon to Blood Moon next week, New Moon in Libra on the 28th, Pluto going direct on October 3rd... our potential for a rich deep Harvest is being greatly supported.

Saturn has just gone direct in the earth sign of Capricorn, and thus is here to remind us to do the work! To value the work of integration. To weave our tapestries of self! the whole of our fruits from our labors of this year into it… which includes everything, I might add.

The HEARTY brewwwwww of youuuuu – the Good, the Bad, the WONDROUS, the Terrible! The accomplishments, the failures. Is your heart big enough to include it all?

As the Ancients knew and practiced, it is vital to enter into ceremony at these crossroads of the changing seasons so as to be fortified and supported by the initiating forces of the new Season.

Through ritual and ceremony, we ritually acknowledge what IS NOW. We begin to acclimate ourselves to the changes occurring rather than hold on to summer and wonder what the hell is going on?! And we need to do this as much externally as internally. We are being called to get out in the AIR (Libra) and SUN, dig our feet into the EARTH and touch the WATERS. In this way the energy within the four elements themselves will fortify us .

Without the pause, without the ceremony, without ritual to mark these cycles, we weaken, and time begins to feel like it is moving faster and faster. We feel less and less fulfilled. We are not digesting our lives… which the Harvest is allll about.

Digesting Gratitude! And, Grief. Gratitude for what we have lived and loved, created and discovered. And Grief for what has died, what never lived, for the terrible tragedies occurring that we have been witness to, and have lived ourselves. Without rites of celebration and mourning, we numb to the fullness of what Life continues to offer us and to the Mystery embedded in the heart of the matter of our lives.

At Autumn Equinox, day and night are equal (or close to it at the equator), for only a moment, revealing much about the nature of balance and how very dynamic it really is. One minute we are in the light and then… into the dark side of the year we slip! Sol then begins its spiraling journey back to the rejuvenating Womb of the Dark Goddess at Winter Solstice.

We are shifting out of Virgo’s Earthy WITCH practical magic ways, and the Season of Summer… into the Autumn winds of LIBRA and all things committed relationship – lover, friend, foe. Libra is the hearted diplomat, ever seeking to balance out and reconcile the opposites of light-dark, good-bad, right-wrong, love-hate. Yet at its core, Libra represents the eternal urge towards the reconciliation of the Paradox, which by its nature must include BOTH sides, and in the end = much more than 1+1.

This work is MAGICK work, and what that great wizard, Carl Jung, referred to as the ‘reconciliation of the opposites’, which calls forth the most alchemical force of all: the Transcendent Function, which makes whole New Worlds out of the complexities and sufferings, out of the intractable problems we suffer with. When we hold fast in the tension field of the opposites, while that change occurs, we are being shaped by Nature! and this is very, very tricky and challenging to do. So we must hold tremendous compassion for us as we go through these alchemizing fires.

We are eternally in a dance here! And like any good dojo or yoga class will teach you, losing balance is the greatest point of learning and growth there is. So taking care with our self judgment, peer more deeply into the learning beneath the mistakes we made over these last seasons.

Pluto pulls out of its long 7 month retrograde in Capricorn and begins going direct on October 3th.

Let us mark that day and ensuing period as a time to be supported more fully by this force of the Holy Wild to grieve our losses of this year and to love what is hidden in the darkness and in Death… til Life we do part.

This moment of Autumn Equinox also marks the Descent Mysteries, of Persephone and Demeter and of Inanna and Ereskigal. I will be writing more on these over this month. Whether we know these myths or not, their mythic patterns are playing out in all of our lives…

Through these our rites, our ceremonies, and harvest and reflections of the year, we are fortified in our courage to release with greater trust into the forces moving us towards the dark regenerating womb of Mother Nature where we are birthed anew at Winter Solstice in another great round of Life, Death and our eventual Rebirth at Spring Equinox.

Begin gathering your Harvest round you! Honor the Light! Bow to the Darkness! Greet Autumn and bid Summer adieu. Then enter into ritual. Sing! Move! Paint! Write!

Hallowed Be! Hallowed Be! Hallowed Be Your/My/Their Names!